EB Has Broken The Street Date for Dead Island

A few Kotaku readers have tipped us off to EB Games selling Dead Island a day early. The game's official release date is September 9, but a number of posts have gone up on EB's Facebook page from people who have seen the game on sale today.

Have you seen Dead Island on sale at a retailer near you? Did you pick up a copy today? Let us know! Thanks for the tip, Saxon and Logic!


    Got my copy yesterday at GAME.

    Had a text from JB saying my preorder was in at 1pm. Yet to pick it up though.

    Bit strange that this is the first tip off you got, Tracey - the GameAus twitter feed from this morning mentions that it has broken, as does an official post on the EB Games page from early today.

      Whups, accidently bladed GameAus. Can't remember what twitter feed it was on.

    Quick note. Got the CE from EB and it came with a Turtle Beach X12 headset and a note saying "Your Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 has been upgraded to a new Ear Force X12". Can't remember was I was initially supposed to get but bonus all the same. Also the additional content menu has 3 items: Ripper (pre-order dlc), Bloodbath arena (same) and Ryder White's Campaign. Third item more DLC, unlocked in game or a bonus from another outlet?

    Don't supose Gametraders was selling the US version, causing EB to break the date, aka the OoT drama?

    Called JB HiFi this morning at 10am, and of course, they said they were selling it. So I went down and traded some games in to grab it.

    I've had a stab at single player, with 3 public slots open, but I couldn't seem to connect to anyone else. Then I found the lobby, and decided I'd wait for a few mates to grab it so we could hit it up together. Seems pretty good, but definitely one for co-op

    I've always thought Thursday was release day in Aus?

      Typically yes, but for some reason the distributor/publisher decided that the release date outside the US should be the 9th everywhere.

    Yep, I heard it as well of a mate who manages an EB, and then went about wandering down to JB in World Square to pick it and Driver: SF up...

    They had a trade 3 games and get a new release free deal going on.

    EB Orange had it up for sale

    They always break the street date on stuff.

    It gets annoying at times when I am selling stuff and I tell the customer that they can't have it because it's not released yet.

    Then they get all huffy and tell me EB has it today.

      Dead Island was on sale elsewhere yesterday, so EB got permission to sell it today. Seems pretty fair to me.

        The EB in my town sells it the second it arrives in their store. (you get it a couple days early to get all the stock ready and entered.)

        I just get the stock ready and entered and then sell it on the date that the HUGE RED LETTER saying "DON'T SELL UP SUCHANDSUCH DATE"

    How are people playing it if they buy it? It's still locked on Steam?

      I think they probably were gifted a US copy or have a US account.

      Maybe they got it on console? lol.

      lol console of course :)

      Activation through a US VPN.

    I pre-ordered mine from EB to be posted out, and they sent it on Tuesday.
    Not sure if it arrived today, but they obviously had the stock earlier in the week.

      Yeah it was monday or tuesday, my mate that works there was rubbing it in because he knew how much i wanted it lol

    The street date breaks started happening yesterday. Everyone was selling it first thing this morning.

    JB website has it marked as 'Out Now' now, going to pick it up in an hour or less

    Already got my copy, picked it up an hour ago :)

    Worst part is that i've just moved house.... and have yet to set up my tv and consoles! lol

    EB Games, Game and JB Hifi all have Dead Island, Space Marine and Resistance 3 in store. I am in Darwin but I assume this is everywhere.

    Devastated by this game tbh. Was so gripped by the trailer, only for the game to have basically no story and the worst characters I've seen for a while.

      The LA Noire thread is over there ---->

        LA Noire's trailer depicts good story. It delivers.
        Dead Island's trailer depicts good story. It has none.
        How are you missing the logic there?

          I don't think the Dead Island trailer really depicted a good story to base a whole game upon. It was a fantastic little glimpse into one horrific part of a zombie outbreak. Anyway, I wasn't having a go at you, your comments mirrored how I felt about LA Noire, something I'm still disappointed about. I'd love a great detective game as much as a great zombie survival game.

    Got a text from my local EB store saying my collectors ed. of dead island was ready for collection. That was around 1pm.

    A buddy of mine was playing it last weekend. He seemed unimpressed.

      The lonely people said that about Borderlands.

    pre-ordered from GreenmanGaming and steam unlocked it yesterday. Guess its the US version they were selling, and steam accepted that.

      As did I - $35 at the time. We received it about a day later than americans, but was still pleased to see it a little earlier than retail. Still, you'd be absolutely mad to pay AU retail price for this game - scratch that - any game, especially from EB.

    I can confirm that EB in Canberra are all selling Dead Island for PC, and I have seen first hand the stock in Tuggeranong.

    The game is selling like wildfire near me. All 4 GameStops have been sold out since Tuesday as well as the 6 Walmarts and 2 mom and pop stores in the area. I think Deep Silver shit themselves when they realized that it sold out so fast.

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