Sony Brings Sony Entertainment Network Online

Sony is putting all its online services for music, movies, TV and gaming under a single umbrella: Sony Entertainment Network. That means, the PSN is part of, ahem, SEN.

The Sony Entertainment Network's Music Unlimited offers over 10 million tracks and multiple channels that can be accessed via PC, Android, Bravia TV and PS3.

Video Unlimited allows video rental or purchase across current Sony devices (PS3, PSP, Xperia Play, Sony Internet TV and Bravia TV) as well as Blu-ray players and PCs. In the future, it will support Sony Tablets.

Then there's the PSN, you know and love, still has free online PSN gaming and the premium PlayStation Plus.

Sony, which has traditionally had a problem of its right hand not talking to its left hand, is consolidating its online media services with Sony Entertainment Network or SEN. Why they couldn't get something that would shorten to SIN will always be beyond me.

Sony Entertainment Network [Official Site]


    Does this mean PS3 users will get the internet TV components of the network?

    "Sin" is how they'll pronounce it in New Zealand anyway.

      That's a sexy thought

        kiwi accent makes me gag its gross lol. lots of people seem to think its sexy though.. bizarre

          People like women they can't understand.

    Was it hacked yet?

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