Monster Hunter 4 Gets New Trailer, Release Window


    Sif not be on Vita. Going to have to buy a Japanese 3DS to play this.

    Fucking region lock. Fuck you Nintendo.

    Budy calm down. The game will be released over seas but they are just waiting for the right time to say it so that it makes a splash. There is already a rumor that was leaked by a few magazines that monster hunter 3G would come out in march next year so it will come. Nintendo is just waiting for the all clear.

      Monster Hunter Portable 3 was never released outside Japan. I've got it on my PSP, and it came out over a year go. And it's the best selling game in the franchise.

      March next year - what the hell - that's ages away, I'd be interested in getting it (cuz I don't have a Wii or a PSP) but the wait is ridiculous - I'd forgotten it existed until just seeing this article reminded me.

    I think MH4 will come out in english, I hope we have internet play and not just local like the japanese version of NDS Tri.

    Looks horrible will wait for "MH4G sorry were thought that was a good idea edition"

    I love Monster Hunter, but I will wait for the 3DS that has a second stick built-in...

    Well that's guaranteed about 3 million 3DS sales in japan.

    It's kinda strange actually that the original MH (PS2) and MH Tri (Wii) remain the only ones released on major consoles outside of Japan. Hell even in Japan there has been too many released on the major consoles. For some reason Capcom prefers the portable systems for the MH series.

      Err, "even in Japan there HASN'T been too many released"

      Times like this I wish we could edit comments.

    Those textures are atrocious. I love Monster Hunter, but the various PS2/PSP/Wii installments are STREETS ahead in terms of visuals. Still want, but the graphics need improvement... there's no atmosphere whatsoever.

      Gotta agree, the graphics are significantly worse than MHP3. That being said, the climbing mechanic looks fantastic.

    After playing over 3000 hours collectively with this franchise, this is the first game I've ever seen in which I really do not wan't to play it. Everything looks worse than previous titles, and the combat/gameplay mechanics looks extremely dumbed down to what they should be. I don't care if this doesn't get released here, because it doesn't look like a good game.

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