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Hello everyone. Welcome to the beginning of the week, and welcome to While You Were Sleeping!

I find it a hard to believe that anyone who reads this site hasn't already picked up a copy of Skyrim, but just in case you haven't, it's 50 per cent off on Steam at the moment, and I think it's worth buying. Skyrim was my game of the year for 2011, but you don't need me to tell you how good it is!

It feels like Battlefield 3 just came out, so it feels pretty early to be hearing announcements for Battlefield 4. Either this is a weird mistake, or EA is trippin' balls. Check out this post for more details — it seems as though signing up for a Medal of Honor pre-order grants access to a Battlfield 4 beta. WAT?

Somehow, I don't think this is how Half Life 2 Episode 3 will end, this is Call Me Maybe in a galaxy far far away, and this Minecraft exploit allows you to imitate other players.

In Short Skyrim Is Half Off For The Next 12 Hours Minecraft Exploit Let's Some Users Impersonate Other Players Call Me Maybe Made With Star Wars Lines Somehow I Don't Think This Is How Half Life 2 Episode 3 Will End Medal Of Honor Preorder Said To Offer Beta Access To Battlefield 4


    Admittedly 50% off the Australia tax price is what I paid for it on launch from OzGameShop.

    I own Skyrim but got bored after I killed the second Dragon.

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