Borderlands Commercial Leads To Fake 1989 Violence

It's not the most obvious way to market a game (especially since it can't really mention Borderlands 2), but where Gearbox (or its British PR helpers) miss out on conspicuousness they more than make up for with wardrobe authenticity.


    Now make me a sandwich, slag

    I would buy the crap out of The Borderlands for Amiga!

      shame then that it is completely dry of any Crap then....

    Slap the bitch slap her good

    Luke your article does not explain ANYTHING. In fact this game exists it is a 16 bit demake - available to play online. Great journalism skills.

      Martin use your mind and your thoughts, you'll get there. Unless you want this big newsfeed spoon

        How could you possibly justify the cut and paste effort above????!

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