Rugby League Live 2 Now Has A Release Date

Rugby League will most likely never become a popular enough sport to have a game that matches the production values of FIFA, but I think Tru Blu Entertainment has been doing a great job of creating a pretty definitive NRL title. Now the team has just announced the release date for Rugby League Live 2.

The game will hit shelves on October 11.

"Rugby League Live 2 provides fans with the most realistic Rugby League gameplay they have ever experienced," said NRL General Manager of Marketing and Commercial, Mr Paul Kind. "Whether it’s the strategy of the game’s dynamic tackling system or simply the mud forming on the jerseys as the game progresses, players can recreate the excitement of the game every day of the year."

Developed down in Melbourne, Rugby League Live 2 features almost all the licensed leagues you can imagine. Our own NRL is included of course, alongside the Super League and 34 stadia from Australia, the UK and all over have been replicated.

"Rugby League Live 2 will deliver to our consumers the most realistic gameplay ever, as well as the most requested new features like the extensive Player Creator and 10 Year Career Mode”, said Tru Blu's Managing Director, Sebastian Giompaolo.


    Yay football!

    I wasn't all that impressed with the first one, but I want to love it for so many reasons. There are concerns though: Production values; previous lacklustre version; developed in a city that historically doesn't "get" rugby league; realistic mud even though modern grounds sadly don't *have* mud.

    ARL '95 showed that it can work though in a video game though. So I guess I'm cautiously optimistic about this one.

      +1 hopefully this will make the off season a little more bearable now that the NHL is in lockout :( Rugby league live on the wii was crap, but it was fun with friends. Hopefully this will have the complete package I.e visuals, gameplay, presentation etc

    "Rugby League will most likely never become a popular enough sport to have a game that matches the production values of FIFA"

    This kind of low expectation setting always shits me. When Rugby has been in production for as many continuous years as FIFA, then let's talk about production values.

    Anyway, the game is great fun, single and multiplayer, and there will be a closed store demo @ EB Games in Swanston St in Melbourne this evening between 8pm-10pm.

    Come down if you'd like to talk to some of the developers from Big Ant Studios, and get your hands on the game for an early playtest.

      • “This kind of low expectation setting always shits me. When Rugby has been in production for as many continuous years as FIFA, then let’s talk about production values.”

      I don’t really understand this comment. Are you trying to say that the longer a franchise goes on for, the higher the production value becomes - regardless of potential sales?

        And how on earth did I just do a bullet point???

    I don't really agree with their schedule, whilst I understand there is no budget for yearly updates, but EA launches their games at the beginning of the season and it works amazingly, being able to play along with the real season.

    Releasing basically 2 weeks after the Grand Final just seems like a completely missed opportunity. At the very least releasing during the semis would be a huge advertising opportunity.

      This is true. There will only be one team's worth of supporters still excited about football in a month's time.

      Fingers crossed that I'm one of said supporters :D

    Haha, *finally*.

    Almost wanna buy a copy, just to see how it finally turned out. And/or to keep as a memento, so I can point at my name in the future :P

    The problem I saw with the first PS3 version was that it played exactly the same as the old PS2 versions, it was just updated with new visuals and teams. This actually looks like gameplay has improved though, and that's the important thing!

    I don't know if I'll buy it straight away, but I probably will before the start of next season.

    Wonder if the refs are terrible like in real life lolo

      I’ve always wondered if one day sports games will take into account the chance of a ref making the wrong decision. Like a balance of where exactly the ref is on the field in relation to a try or forward pass etc., and an increased chance of the wrong call being made the further away they are. It would be annoying as hell but would definitely add some realism.

    The ability for HES to release rugby league games outside of peak league season has always baffled me, the closest they got was Rugby League 3 on Wii that managed to get a March release but was also killed by some of the worst motion controls ever (it is still my favourite league game released, but only when played with a gamecube controller).

    As for the game, it sounds like they're getting back on level with (and perhaps surpassing) the Sidhe games in terms of features such as franchise mode, but they had some serious ground to make up in entertainment. Attacking football just wasn't a lot of fun in RLL, passing was slow, offloading and tackle breaking was done badly and in general it was too hard to score and too easy to defend, leading to a lot of low scoring bore-fests from my experience. It wasn't broken like a lot of parts of the old Sidhe games, it just lacked excitement.

      HES has no idea how to market a game.

    No PC... :( Loved the original NRL game on PC.

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