The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Dev Commentary Will Help Confused People Understand

If you don't happen to be completely enmeshed in the Call of Duty multiplayer universe, one could easily find themselves lost in the myriad of perks and options available to players — particularly as the series has continued to build. That's why this multiplayer reveal trailer, featuring a commentary track from game design director David Vonderhaar, is so useful. It helps complete COD noobs such as myself get a feel for precisely what's going on, and what makes Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 different.

Sometimes Call of Duty feels a bit like being in a pinball machine. It's noisy, and there's all these numbers, but I don't really understand exactly what's happening — I'm just pulling the triggers. That's nothing against COD, which I always enjoy playing, particularly the multiplayer, but it's good to be informed by someone who knows what they're talking about!

Thanks CVG!


    Looks like sights are going to be very very powerful. And fun.

    Agreed! Looks great, I'm back playing Bops after a year of not playing it and wow, it shits all over MW3.... Everything actually works in Bops.

    im still disappointed about the shear amount of texture / model recycling. really makes it hard to notice the good things they do when they do so many obvious short cuts.

    This is looking pretty good I reckon. I'm no COD fanboy, I skipped MW3, but Black Ops was a whole heap of fun online. These modern shooters are getting a bit stuffy and this looks like it's adding a few 'fun' things like drone swarms and mech suits, xray sights and radars and such - things that might be unbalanced but look like they're fun to play with.

    I really like the idea of taking no primary weapon in exchange for extra perks. I wonder if you can then pick up a weapon from someone you killed though?

    I know it's trendy to hate on COD, or to be a fanboy, but lets just enjoy the middle ground.

    Interesting, but COD isn't exactly Dwarf Fortress.

      Nor does it state anywhere that it tries to be?

      "That Jack sure is a person, but he isn't exactly a space dinosaur"

        The more I read your comment the more confused I am as to how you have pulled that conclusion out of those words. Of course Call of Duty, a fast paced AAA 'arcade' shooter is nothing like Dwarf Fortress, a highly complex city building game with ASCII graphics built by a man in his basement. It's a comment that Call of Duty, even at its deepest level is a pretty simple, self explanatory game. One that you can easily figure out a solid understanding of with two brain cells and an hour or two of gameplay.

    Wake me up when there's a zombies reveal

      f**k yeah!

    I want to see some zombies

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