Borderlands 2's Mechromancer Xbox 360 Update Has Problems Too

We're getting emails from people who own Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360, saying that they can't download the new Mechromancer update.

Seems that, when prompted to download the new content, they're being greeted with the above message.

My advice? You might have to sit tight. This is the same message you get when trying to access content that's not actually live yet; I'd wager somebody at Microsoft forgot to flip the switch putting the files up for download.

Poor Borderlands 2. It hasn't had the best day for updates.


    I've seen that screen before, locking off some old Forza 3 DLC.

    well theres your problem

    I'm hoping this problem doesn't apply to people who got the Mechromancer as a pre-order bonus?

      It downloaded and installed just fine from within the game as part of the pre-order bonus.

    Most expensive DLC ever - weighing in at over $53m!

    It might be a case of Gearbox being nice and releasing the DLC early but Xbox Live not able to break street date. This is a fairly common thing with Live, a pre-release copy of stuff is made available for press and given a ridiculous price that no-one normal would have. Press are given early access codes but the price remains the same. On scheduled release, the price is dropped again and normal people are able to purchase.

    This happened with Arkham City too, I went to download Robin the day before release (thank you JB) and I was met with "this code is not valid" then I got it to work and saw a similar screen. I was confused but figured I would wait until release day and it was all sorted

      This seems like the most obvious explanation, Gearbox said they were working on it but that probably just means "we need to tell Microsoft it's ok to sell it now".

    This is about how much the Idolmaster DLC cost me.

    Though obviously a bug, I wonder if it's technically possible to purchase this if you somehow had 4294967295 MS points.

      I'm fairly sure someone tried to do that when halo reach was up on the market place for game reviewers but after purchasing all those points he found out you needed a token of some sort to actually download it.

    Stop being cheap bogans whining about the price of DLC, I just spent the 6.8 million on it cause it's worth the money.

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