Developing Games For The Wii U? That’s A Cinch, Says Darksiders Dev

Developing Games For The Wii U? That’s A Cinch, Says Darksiders Dev

Until we’ve all had a play and seen the launch line-up, passing a definitive, conclusive and honest judgement of the Wii U is impossible. Developers, on the other hand, have had the device for some time, so they can deliver an opinion powered by empirical evidence, and not the spicy sweet residue of a fanboy’s ire. And that opinion appears to show it’s great to make games for, at least in the eyes of Darksiders creators Vigil Games.

The studio is currently batting Darksiders 2 across to Nintendo’s upcoming hardware, a process it says encountered “no major problems”, according to an interview with lead designer Haydn Dalton conducted by Gamezone.

“Other than making sure we had a dedicated team to do it justice. For a new platform, it was surprisingly easy to port it to the Wii U … We had our core game up and running on it in a very short amount of time”, he goes on to say.

If memory serves, I don’t think the GameCube or the Wii caused much consternation among developers. Sure, there have been complaints about grunt and resolution, but actually making games for it? Can’t say I’ve heard much. The company that has copped a rough run is Sony with the PlayStation 2 and 3, with Gabe Newell mentioning a few years back his distaste (and disinterest) for the latter platform.

Not that this apparent difficult has stopped the PS3 from doing alright, but it will be interesting to see if Sony takes a page from Nintendo’s book for its next console and softens the learning curve for developers.

Wii U is ‘one of the easier’ platforms to develop for, says Vigil Games [Gamezone]


  • its easy to develop for because they have allready made the game for 2 consoles and a PC and the Wii U is similar to 360 and PS3. WTF is wrong with people. Vigil know what they are doing allready cause thr game came out a few months back.

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