While You Were Sleeping

Another day another dollar/while you were sleeping post. This is where we round up the news that came in overnight. Let's boogie.

By now some of you will be at home with your lovely new Wii Us. How's that working out for you? Annoyed at the massive day one update? Iwata has an apology for you!

This real life Mario Kart took place in Australia, but it ended badly for one crazy kid, who totally shattered his collar bone. Has anyone had a broken collar bone? It happened to my brother and he had to sleep in a chair for a full week!

Star Wars rumours continue to leak, Planetside 2 is looking quite 'murderey' and Ubisoft is apparently considering co-op for Assassin's Creed III sequels.

In Short Planetside 2 Looks Like One Enormous Murder Simulator Nintendo's President Is Very Sorry About All Those Wii U Updates Ubisoft Considering Co-op For Assassin's Creed III Sequels Real Life Mario Kart Race Ends In Broken Bones Report: Empire Strikes Back Writer Could Be Working On New Star Wars Spinoff


    I'm surprised you guys haven't dropped an Aussie WiiU launch post yet, was checking for it whilst I was at EB waiting to pick up the console and this morning too. Surely it deserves more than a side note in a post referring to a Ninty apology... This is Kotaku Australia, right?

    Yeah I wish there was more Aussie coverage of the Wii U launch :(
    I picked my preorder on the way to work this morning from EB - had it price-matched with Big W prices and now it's sitting on my desk....WHAT A DISTRACTION!

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