These Are The First Non-Games To Make It Through Steam Greenlight

Today, Steam announced the third round of titles coming out of the Steam Greenlight process. Steam Greenlight, which is driven by fans voting on projects to be developed and sold for Steam, had stuck solely to games for the first two instalments. But today's roster revealed a group of six non-game applications which will soon be available through the store. Here's a rundown of them.

Above: Action! Screen Recorder is an HD desktop recording application that can capture full or selected desktop activity and audio, including 60fps gaming.

Bandicam: Game Recorder

Bandicam is also a HD desktop recorder that can be directed to capture selected application windows, and comes with dedicated compression software.

Construct 2

Construct 2 is a light game making application that allows you to create your own custom games using a drag-and-drop system with a built-in physics engine. With no coding required, make your own game for multiple platforms.


DisplayFusion is a multi-monitor organiser/manager that allows you to implement synchronised task bars across multiple monitors and create custom monitor/window configuration functions.

HitFilm 2

HitFilm 2 is a multi-track video editor with a built-in visual effects suite, including 3D rendering, colour correction and green screen functionality.

You Need A Budget 4

YNAB 4 is budget management software designed to optimise monthly personal spending with simple methodology.


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