Kotaku Australia And The Hunt For E3 Sandwiches

Kotaku Australia And The Hunt For E3 Sandwiches

You might have noticed (I hope you noticed) that Kotaku Australia had its own pretty cool series of videos covering E3. Although I’d like nothing more than to take full credit for this, I have to give a shout out to my Kotaku video bro Ben White, who was the man doing all the slick recording and editing. All that he asked for in return was a good sandwich. An E3 sandwich. Did he get his wish? Find out in his E3 sandwich diary…

SPOILERS: I would like to say that there’s actually an addendum to this story. Just after we finished recording the final E3 sandwich diary, 20 minutes before we boarded the flight home, I went and bought Ben a sandwich. I don’t know if he enjoyed it. I hope he did. Either way, he deserved it!


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