Kotaku Australia And The Hunt For E3 Sandwiches

You might have noticed (I hope you noticed) that Kotaku Australia had its own pretty cool series of videos covering E3. Although I'd like nothing more than to take full credit for this, I have to give a shout out to my Kotaku video bro Ben White, who was the man doing all the slick recording and editing. All that he asked for in return was a good sandwich. An E3 sandwich. Did he get his wish? Find out in his E3 sandwich diary...

SPOILERS: I would like to say that there's actually an addendum to this story. Just after we finished recording the final E3 sandwich diary, 20 minutes before we boarded the flight home, I went and bought Ben a sandwich. I don't know if he enjoyed it. I hope he did. Either way, he deserved it!


    I'm sure your interview with Miyamoto is great and all, Mark. But this? This is the pinnacle of E3 journalism.

    ....One does simply not go from Full beard to No beard...Just no

      I slipped in the bathroom and accidentally my beard.

    Finally, someone who appreciates a vanilla milkshake.

      Nothing wrong with a good vanilla milkshake

      I can always appreciate a vanilla milkshake. But I still prefer strawberry!

    Serrels brought us some good insight and reviews from E3, but Ben really hits the important issues here.

    So you took Patrick's special back-up turkey sandwich, then your beard fell off overnight?
    Or maybe Patrick's sandwich gave you beard crabs and you had to shave it off?
    Either way, that's some mad Karma there @benwhite! :D

      It was just a temporary E3 beard - we had our fun moments, but it was time to say goodbye.

    RIP Kotaku. I'm officially done with this site.

      I'd bet a thousand dollars you come back to check your notifications.

    Woof hot man beard, Im with texiun on this one dont shave that sexy beard off :)

      Yep, damn hot and sexy. Shame it came off in the end haha

    My sandwiches are free of crabs thank you very much!

    i love sammiches om nom nom so random lol

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