​Your Xbox One Responds To 'Sexbox'. The PS4? 'Babe Station'.

 Your Xbox One Responds To 'Sexbox.' The PS4? 'Babe Station.'

To access the voice-control functionality on an Xbox One, you say, "Xbox". To access it on PlayStation 4, you say, "PlayStation". But those greetings aren't very fun or sexy, are they?

As Stephen found when he tested it out, the PlayStation 4 actually responds to some pretty casual language. You can say "A.C. Four" or you can say "Assassin's Creed", and it will take you to the same game. But what if you want to make your salutation more casual?

As (wonderfully) pointed out by colossalblue on Twitter, you can actually call your PS4 "Babe Station" and it'll respond. I tried it out and yep, it works. And guess what? You can also call your Xbox One "Sexbox," and it'll perk right up and ask you what you'd like.

So, you know...

"Sexbox: Watch Cinemax."

"Babe Station: Playroom."

And of course...

"Sexbox: Unsnap."

I am never calling either of my consoles by their actual names again.


    Wii U: "Hey, U! U! Are you listening to me?!"

    I felt my IQ dropping whilst reading this article.

      That must be troubling. You don't seem to have many left.

    The use of red lipstick on this article's picture points to Kotakus casual misogyny. when will you stop with the woman hating? Do you always consider women (babes) in the same category as things like consoles? Stop the objectifying and misogyny, Kotaku

    I also just got my Xbox to work with Xbone, every time.

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