You Can Also Pull Battlefield Moves In Planetside 2

You Can Also Pull Battlefield Moves In Planetside 2

Not only did Joshino pull off this well-known Battlefield move in Planetside 2, but he made it his last kill to reach Battle Rank 100.

If you aren't familiar with the Rendezook, it's where you jump out of an aircraft, kill another aircraft with a rocket, and jump back in. The best part of this video though? How the music syncs up with the hit indicators right before he jumps out. Well done, Joshino.


    I couldn't be more off topic but has anybody else been experiencing issues with kotaku lately? Is there something going on with server stability because I often get pages not loading and error messages.

    Last edited 03/01/14 4:13 pm

      Wasn't working for me this morning but seems OK this afternoon.

      Yep, the whole AU network (Giz, LH, Kot) was down most of today. It's been having issues for a couple of weeks now.

      Your not alone mate. Couldnt get Kotaku loaded up all morning.

    Heeeey, wait a minute. How come the server didn't crash and he lost all progress when he pulled that stunt?

      I couldn't make that shot. Now if it was rubber banding so I could have two or three attempts per shot I reckon I would have nailed it.

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