EB Games Made A Titanfall Titan From Empty Xbox Boxes [UPDATE]

This is all a bit meta, but it makes sense. This is a Titan from Titanfall built completely from scratch using nothing but empty Xbox boxes and (I'm assuming) a metric assload of sticky tape. Of course: let's build a Titan exclusively using boxes of the console the game exclusively appears on. Ladies and gentlemen: this is high art.

An incredible set of work-in-progress shots can be found here, but I thought I'd post a couple so you can get the idea. I'm currently trying to track down who is behind this masterpiece and which store the Titan can be found in. If you have any leads on this, feel free to email me!

UPDATE: The Titan can be found in the Harbour Town Docklands EB in Melbourne.

We managed to get in contact with the creator of the Xbox Titan. His name is Jordan Gulliford, he is 23 years old. And he — unsurprisingly — like building things.

On coming up with the idea for the Xbox Titan

"Basically I was cleaning out the back room and I found a massive pile of display boxes (all flat, otherwise that'd be hard to miss) I thought it would be cool to make some kind of display on a quiet night so I kept them aside.

"We then got in the "Art of Titanfall" book and I saw that there were pretty decent concept designs of the titans. The game had just came out but I still really just wanted to build a giant robot."

How he built it

"I did a rough sketch based on the book to wrap my head around it, then started playing around with a few boxes to see if could make some feet. The feet went well, so I basically went up from there till I had two full legs but then I had to figure out how to support the weight of another 20 or so boxes (albeit empty ones) on top. I first started building the body on top of a mannequin stand with some post tube as a sort of axel, but that was too unstable and it kept collapsing. In the end I found a floor to ceiling pole used for banner posters that was perfect and I threaded the whole thing through the middle and kept building up. I built the hands out of coat hangers as a skeleton and cardboard over the top (these are poseable) and the arms are based and held up by more post tube as a frame."

How long did it take?

"Took me maybe 10-20 hours to do and mostly on my days off (I got a bit obsessed making it!)"

Why build it?

"It was a lot of fun to build and I really didn't think people would respond so well to it , I just thought it would help my store and kids would think it was cool.

"If Microsoft see this and want to give me a free XBONE and Titanfall though I wouldn't say no!

"And thanks, I really appreciate all the compliments I've received and am already planning a new Mario Kart 8 display!"

Amazing work. It seems like folks in retail are really trying to outdo each other with these in-store displays. We had JB Hi-Fi in New Zealand creating a few humdingers last week and now this!


    Amazing... Such creativity. Goes to show that there are people in retail that want to create an awesome experience in their stores!

    EB, always behind in the game?

      Not sure how this is behind anything. Care to explain?

        Jb hifi has been doing fun stuff like this for a while. Their titan fall er displays? have been shown weeks ago.

          I don't get it, just because jb have done it for longer EB aren't allowed to have fun?

      Ya farkin farkin double post... Farkin edited wrong one too... Farkin

      Last edited 25/03/14 11:04 am

      Never forget to bring the negativity man... The internet just doesn't have enough putting shit on everything for no particular reason.

      Keep up the good work.

        I'm sorry for the negative outlook, but I just don't see why we should praise and in turn promote the act of places like EB just being a copy cat in an attempt to stay trendy.

        The internet already has enough copies of pointless shit.

        Show me something original or at least more witty and I'll be singing praise.

          It doesn't say anywhere that it was, or wasn't ready for launch day. Just because it took a week to get on the internet doesn't mean it hasn't been in store for a couple of weeks.

            Fair point. But this is just what it looked like.

              I think the most appropriate way of looking at this would be; was the creator forced to make this? If so then kudo's for EB trying to introduce something different, if not then the creator is even more of a legend for going out of their way. No need to really have a crack at any one either way.

          It's simple. EB Games have a set professional standard for all stores, which also includes displays etc.. Which greatly differs to JB's professional standard. This is why you don't see EB doing these often or at all. Plus depending on your store manager & area manager this could be a bad idea and land you in trouble for misusing store propaganda i'd say.

    Be cool if he built it around a person so you could walk around the shopping centre. That would be dedication! Awesome work

    The "On coming up with the idea for the Xbox Titan" is wrong, he saw the JB ones and decided to give it a shot,

      Nope, there aren't any jb's around me and i did't hear about the others until i saw the link on this article of the other ones. Don't call me a liar, sir, it is unkind and un-true.

      Prove that can we? Why is everyone a cynical downer these days?

      Common cold cured! = Urgh that took them long enough... What? I need a cold to get cured by it.... Fuck that....

      Last edited 25/03/14 11:53 am

    looks like he wants a job at Jb Hi-Fi......

    Looks great - perhaps he did see the JB stuff, perhaps not. Credit where credit's due though, he put a lot of time and effort in and should get some kudos for that alone :)

    I some how think our area manager would not approve if we did this, or he might if he's in a good mood :P

    Anyway that's epic. Creative little bugger.

    Why are people comparing this to the JB ones? This is way better than almost all of them.

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