Kotaku Awards 2014: Australian Game Of The Year

What was Kotaku Australia’s
favourite Australian game of 2014? Click on to find out!

Reader’s Choice

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
This was an absolute clear winner, taking in 46% of the votes


It’s the Mario Kart of first-person shooters. That means it’s very good!

Editor’s Choice

Why Framed? I dunno. Probably the concept, which I loved from the second I heard it described. Probably the execution, which is pitch perfect. Probably the presentation, which is just so uniquely gorgeous. Probably those animations, which I never, ever tire of watching — which is a good thing because I suck at the game and repeat viewing is essential.

Probably the music? Probably the subtle story telling, which seamlessly integrates into the mechanics of the game. Probably the ridiculous level of polish. Probably the way it intertwines with the mobile/tablet platform. Probably the way that it melds form and content.

Probably all those things.


It’s funny, when I heard about the idea for this game — a first-person shooter where screencheating was actually required — I loved it, but a huge part of me worried the game wouldn’t actually be fun to play. How could it match the production values of other AAA multiplayer shooters. The answer was simple: it didn’t have to. Screencheat goes in a completely different direction. It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s fun. It’s a great equaliser. I call it the Mario Kart of first-person shooters. That’s probably the best compliment I can pay it.

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