Off Topic: Movies Of The Year

So we've already done our game of the year thing, but what about things that aren't video games? What were some of your favourite movies of 2014?

I don't get to the cinema all that much because I have a constantly whinging toddler to deal with, but I did manage to get out and see a few flicks. Interstellar was probably my favourite film of 2014. Not everyone loved it, but I loved the scope, I loved the execution. I loved the sheer power and drama and the actual science fiction.

Snowpiercer was also good. I thought the concept of the train was a little flawed. On a lot of levels it didn't make much sense, but that didn't stop me from getting caught up in it. And the ending. Brutal. Absolutely brutal.

What else did I enjoy? The Tale of Princess Kaguya was a personal favourite. One of my favourite Ghibli movies for a while.

What were some of your favourite movies of 2014.


    Ohhhh... yeah, Interstellar was rad, as was Princess. I think Wind Rises takes the title for me though, was such classy, classy storytelling, loved every second of it. Can't even remember a lot else I saw though >_>

    I haven't had the chance to see that many movies this year :(. I did really enjoy How to Train Your Dragon 2, though.

    Boyhood was absolutely fantastic. As was Grand Budapest Hotel. I loved The Wolf Of Wall Street (I think it may have come out late last year but I didn't see it until early this year so it still counts shut up :P). I liked Interstellar more than some people seemed to but not as much as others. Good movie overall, I thought.

    At the moment its probably Dawn of the Planet of the Apes but I haven't seen Guardians or Fury yet, so will reserve my final decision.

    Space Library Guitar in Interstellar didn't do anything for me at all. AT ALL.

    Guardians of the Galaxy or Dawn of the Planet of the Overlong Title with the seemingly Incosistent time specific Naming Theme...of the Apes

    I only just saw Guardians of the Galaxy, went in with no expectations, but absolutely loved it.
    Saw little else this year, too busy with the kids.

    Boyhood and The Grand Budapest Hotel are the standouts for me. Honorable mentions to Guardians of the Galaxy and Gone Girl.

      Havent even seen Gone Girl OR Boyhood, I am doing it wrong this yearrrr

    TMNT, Guardians of the Galaxy, John Wick and the Lego Movie.

    Still gotta see Interstellar.

    Guardians of the Galaxy and Edge of Tomorrow were the only two movies I liked enough to have warranted the exhorbitant cinema prices.

    John Wick
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    Heard Birdman was great but still not seen
    Also want to see Big Hero 6...

    Guardians of the galaxy, Captain America:winter soldier,Dawn of the planet of the apes and of course Mockingjay part 1

      Oh yeah forgot about Winter Soldier. I HATED the first Captain America movie, but this one was great.

    Gone Girl. Read the book then saw the movie. The movie was great, almost a direct adaptation of the book. That Amy.... Jesus....

    The one I wrote, produced, directed and starred in as all roles. It was truly a masterpiece of modern cinema. I know none of you have seen it so just take my word for it. Film of the millennium.

    Fine. John Wick was my favourite. Why you gotta be do down on me?

      Home-made things uploaded to redtube don't count, Freeze.

        But it was impressive that he played the role of both the chick AND the bloke (though how he managed to 'dwarf' himself for the role as the bloke is a mystery), and did the lighting and the audio as well. Coulda had a better soundtrack but, the saxophone has been done to death :P

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        Watch it before you judge, it will make you feel emotions you didn't even know existed. I asked Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan to watch it and they both had the exact same verdict, "Who are you and what are you doing in my house!? Honey, call the police!"

    the grand budapest hotel is number one for me. guardians of the galaxy was pretty good too. Not much else came out this year that sticks in my mind as being good, dawn of the planet of the apes was pretty enjoyable though.

    My favourite movie that didn't come out this year but I watched for the first time this year would be Primer though.

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    Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hobbit: The Battle of the 5 Armies, I just watched The Equilizer this week and really enjoyed it.

      Just watched Equalizer the other day with low expectations and thought it was awesome.

    In no particular order:
    - Gone Girl
    - Interstellar
    - Fury
    - Guardians of the Galaxy
    - Edge of Tomorrow
    - The Babadook
    - The Grand Budapest Hotel
    - Boyhood

    Then there's a bunch I haven't seen yet which I hope to before the year is out, like The Imitation Game, Birdman and Wild, to name a few.

    I see a few mentions of John Wick, was it really any good?

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      Fun action flick with great gunplay and martial arts.

      The story wasn't anything special but the film was shot beautifully, the action was very well choreographed and the world they built was amazing. Potential for plenty of sequels without needing any major characters to return, just the setting and a few ancillary characters.

      I was playing Payday 2 the other day and wondering why I was Keanu Reeves. I'd see this just to know wtf that was about.

      Wasn't the Grand Budapest Hotel last year? I remember cause it was my favourite movie of that year.

      "Do not let that man in here. He scams frail old women out of their money."
      "I thought you just said I was a fucking faggot."
      "You are. You're bisexual."

      Edit: No, it was this year. I'm just a moron. I'm also with you on that film. Fucking brilliant.

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    Yeh Gaurdians of the Galaxy was my favourite this year, and the Raid 2, some of the best fight action I've seen in a while.

      Raid 2 is my number 1. I didn't think it could get much better than the original, but boy was I wrong!

      Ahh Raid 2! Totally forgot about it! Damn that was great

      Favorites for this year Guardians of the Galaxy and The Raid 2 with Interstellar getting my favorite for best special effects.

    The Rover. Brilliant Australian cinema. I enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow and Wolf of Wall Street too. Still to see Birdman and the Hobbit though.

      Yeh I loved The Rover too. Another decent aussie flick I saw mentioned was The Babadook.
      Others I enjoyed:

      Pretty lean year though I thought.

        Yeah, it was a pretty lean year. I was struggling to think of films released this year, most of what I've watched is older stuff. Still, there's plenty of blockbusters to be disappointed in next year. I do hope some turn out really good though.

      Did you see Predestination? Brilliant Australian sci-fi cinema.

    Watched FURY last night, such a visceral, respectful and ultimately entertaining movie.

    Interstellar, Grand Budapest, Fury, Gone Girl.

    But you know what took me by surprise and became one of my favourite Aussie movies of all time?

    These Final Hours... absolutely brilliant.

    Interstellar and GotG were fantastic, but movie of the year has to go to the Grand Budapest Hotel for me

    A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
    Life Itself
    Under the Skin
    Blue Ruin
    Jodorowsky's Dune

    I have to agree Mark.
    It's between snowpiercer, interstellar and at some times, guardians of the galaxy

    I really dug predestination, fury and interstellar. I haven't seen a lot of the other big movies that came out this year yet though.

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