Our Picks Of Today's Steam Sales

It's been an underwhelming Steam sale season so far, but that's only because we're spoiled rotten. There are still a few gems, though. Here are our picks.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, $US7.49

You know what? CS:GO was one of the best games this year, despite not being released this year. This game gets better and better as it's updated, and more and more people are flocking back to it — especially now that VAC seems to be getting it's act together and mass banning hackers. You probably won't learn anything new if you're a veteran, but you will get the best weapon balance in Counter-Strike's history.

Planetary Annihilation, $US5.99

This game is broken. It simply isn't up to the standard of a full release game. And when its developers wanted to kickstart another game, Human Resources, fans of PA rightfully commented that they should fix their first game before moving onto another. But having said all that, PA gave me a genuinely unique experience. It's laggy, its UI needs work, it's hard to get a multiplayer game, and its campaign isn't complete, but I managed to get into a few 3v3 matches that were unlike anything I had ever played, which makes it worth $6 in my humble opinion.

Limbo, $US2.49

This one will end four hours after this post, so hurry! Limbo is short and sweet. A child enters a silhouetted afterlife, and it isn't exactly heaven. Deal with the horrors, platforming puzzles, and Lord of the Flies inspired groups of other children you find within.

FTL: Advanced Edition, $US2.49

The closest I've felt to managing a Star Trek style spaceship during combat. Manage your personnel, weapons, and life support systems while enemies figure out tricky ways to get past your shields and target vital components. Or they'll just board you. Also great on the iPad.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, $US1.49

Control two brothers at once, with one controller, through many perils on their quest to save their ill father. I haven't played this one yet myself, but I'll be grabbing it, and you have the commenters below to thank for this one. :)

Happy bargain hunting!


    Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons is on sale for $1.50. I would say thats probably the best deal for me so far.

    Agreed, ditch PA and replace with Brothers for sure, a much better buy.

      Hadn't played Brothers but I'll add it up there. Great price. Steam users seem to be overwhelmingly positive as well. Grabbing it myself.

        yeah it's awesome - sale price seems right for the length of the game too, I wouldn't reccommend buying it at full price

        Brothers is a great game, the environment is amazing/breathtaking, the controls are unique. My only gripes with it are the easy puzzles and music to make your ears bleed (Eeeeeeee ee eeeeeeeeeee).

    I seem to be a lot less interested in the steam sale this year, I'm taking pot shots at some though and regardless I buy it if it's a featured daily sale or not, I still save on full price by a lot.
    Got myself Final fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 7 (For a replay/grind some day down the track), Divinity: Dragon commander, Grim Dawn.

    That's me till Witcher 3 comes out.

    I have $150 worth of Steam Credit from Christmas presents and I'm still yet to see something worth buying that I don't already have :(

    Only thing I picked up in the steam sake so far was Payday 2 GOTY, haven't realy seen anything else that caught my eye, although I didnt end up buying it. Hoping the long dark and ivnsisible inc (both early access) see a good sale, they both look interesting.

    some good stuff in the 12 hour rotation - Enslaved is currently $5 and Ghostbusters is $2

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