Harvey Norman Is Flogging Off PC, PS4, And Xbox One Games Again

You can dig through the site and find discounts on other things — electronics, homewares and what not — but what's of most interest today are the relatively decent prices that Harvey Norman are selling games on the next-gen consoles for.

It's a shame there aren't any good deals on the consoles themselves, but if you didn't take opportunity of the retailer's sales before Christmas then you can do so right now.

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In no particular order, and for no particular reason, let's start with Team Green. These deals are through the Harvey Norman website, and each game will take you through to the individual listing. If you want to browse the catalogue yourself, click on the larger sub-headings. Note that you're limited to one copy of each title as well.

Xbox One

Dead Rising 3 ($10) Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag ($11) Battlefield 4 ($11) Thief ($13) Assassin's Creed: Unity ($18) The Crew ($18) Sunset Overdrive: Day One Edition ($19) Wolfenstein: The Old Blood ($19) Alien: Isolation ($22) Just Dance 2015 ($22) Forza Horizon 2 ($24) Minecraft ($25) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition ($28) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ($29) Watch Dogs ($29) Dragon Age: Inquisition ($29) NBA 2K15 ($29) Dying Light ($32) Borderlands: The Handsome Collection ($33) Mortal Kombat X ($36) Mad Max ($44) The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt ($44) Batman: Arkham Knight ($44)

Lot of value there. Dead Rising 3 is a nice, cheeky pick-up. NBA 2K15 is excellent value if you just want to run through the MyGM or Career modes (without the stupid story introduced in 2K16). Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive are still some of the Xbox One's best exclusives, and the Borderlands collection is at a nice price point if you have a partner or friend that loves running through the co-op.

Also, if you didn't pick it up and you're playing on console: $44 for The Witcher 3 is a really great deal. I know some people who will get a lot of mileage out of Just Dance 2015 as well, although that's a more niche audience. Dying Light's a sneaker hit here, too.


LittleBigPlanet 3 ($12) Minecraft ($16) The Crew ($18) DRIVECLUB ($19) Alien: Isolation ($22) Just Dance 2015 ($22) Killzone: Shadow Fall ($27) inFamous: Second Son ($27) Until Dawn ($28) The Order: 1886 ($28) Watch Dogs ($29) Dragon Age: Inquisition ($29) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ($29) NBA 2K15 ($29) Borderlands: The Handsome Collection ($33) The Last of Us Remastered ($39) Mad Max ($44) Batman: Arkham Knight ($44) Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection ($58)

Some real good deals here. Until Dawn is pretty much in must-buy territory now for anyone who likes episodic adventures, horror or games you can share with family and friends. Given that the DRIVECLUB servers work and all the bells and whistles have been patched in, now is a pretty reasonable time to jump in. My NBA recommendation still stands, and Dragon Age: Inquisition is at a similarly good price point.

Most people who would have considered Minecraft probably already have the game, but if you don't it's certainly cheap enough. LBP3 is nice and cheap and fans of the Batman games will probably feel a lot better about picking Arkham Knight up now if they didn't last year.


Potion Bar ($3) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ($18) Call of Duty: Ghosts ($18) The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt ($58)

Not a great deal here, but there are some options. For one, this is the best price you'll get for Advanced Warfare on PC without going through some dodgy third-party CD key site. If you like Call of Duty stories, the tale of being Kevin Spacey's mercenary is one of the best the series has had for years. Alternatively, if you're looking for a troll gift $3 seems like a pretty reasonable price for Potion Bar. It looks trashy enough.

If you have the time, you can also find plenty of other clearance deals on Harvey Norman's website. There's no comparison against the original price, mind you, so it's best to cross-check anything you want against the StaticICE aggregator or offerings from rival retailers. Happy shopping!



    That's almost worth buying a 3rd PS4 for.

      Is Until Dawn really that good? I thought the reviews were average at release?

        I reviewed it for another site. It's good, but can be a little jarring in spots.

        Or just ask Hayley. :P

          I absolutely loved it. (I also reviewed it for another company huehue)
          but definitely worth picking up if you haven't already

        We're they? I've only heard good things. Depends where you go I guess

        It's actually the game I'm playing through right now, only got one chapter left I think before it's finished. It's more of an interactive movie then it is a game, similar to Heavy Rain (but with less QTE's). If that is your sort of thing, then I would easily recommend it.

        It has perma-death for any characters who get killed, which is brutal considering there is no manual saving and only ONE autosave slot. But it kind of works in the games favour as it encourages multiple playthroughs, to try things completely differently. I'm planning at least one more playthrough before moving on to another game.

      I bought it for $50 two days ago. I'd be mad, but I'm really enjoying it so far.

    For someone that hates 'leisure computers' Gerry Harvey certainly doesn't mind making money off them. And that's to say nothing about him and his mate Solly Lew being the big reason behind the online import GST threshold being dropped and Steam prices getting hiked next year.

    Last edited 08/01/16 12:42 pm

      Lol I love how quick everyone is to blame retailers. Games are a loss leader in this country and if you are going to blame anyone for the high price of games it's the local distributors and suppliers I can't remember the last time I saw gaming consoles or games being sold at profit.

    Just got an xbone for Christmas, sunset overdrive, dead rising, and forza will amuse me well at those prices.

    I also picked up forza 6 because it has a couple of my cars in it. How's the handling in forza these days?

      I've only played horizon 2 and IMO, handling was nice and smooth. Perhaps not as 'grunty' as Drive Club or other racers, but IMO the slightly smoother feel is nice for the open world. Can't really comment on 6, sims aren't really my thing, but I seem to recall that it uses a similar handling system as Horizon and 5? Don't know if that helps?

      Last edited 08/01/16 2:43 pm

        Horizon is tuned to a more arcade feel.

        Mainline Forza is all about realism in simulation, so much so that they came up with a separate physics model for the way individual car wheels will handle in puddles at different depths/speeds/weights of car... over and above all the other physics models they have running.

          Yes, actually, now that you mention it, I do remember hearing something about the puddles, much like Project Cars. Thanks, like I say, I'm not really a sim guy.

            I'd argue that Horizon is actually the better game.

            Open world driving, more enjoyable progression ramp, better soundtrack...
            And, when you feel like it, you can just drive around...

      I got Forza 6 the other day. I am very much a Gran Turismo guy but F6 once I turned the assists off hit a level of addiction in me. It is great and the tracks seems really interesting too.
      Mind you I hated Forza 3 (played it for 20 mins max) and didn't get how people thought it was better than GT.
      So in short go for Forza 6 if you like proper racers.

    Was going to get until Dawn on PS4, until I saw postage was $5.95!

    I'll just wait until Oz Game Shop have another special offer on it. They did one a few weeks ago for $32 and postage from UK is only $2 on orders under $50 — not to metion the money back you get in player points. Should have grabbed it then, but they usually repeat deals after a month or so. Heck, even the normal price is only $40.99.

    So, screw you Gerry, you ain't getting my money.

      So the total is $34 - which was an excellent deal so I bought it.

      Retail in Aus is having a pretty hard time, we should spend up when the price is right.

        HAHAHAHAHA! Retail has to change with the times. Not consumers. Just like every other industry.

        Retail in Aus has a lot going against it. Gerry Harvey is a big part of it.

          He sure didn't do himself any favours lambasting online shopping a few years ago. I think that's where most of the residual hate is coming from . I've found there shops to be perfectly fine - as long as you are aware that everything is horribly overpriced and you need to haggle HARD, or wait for the sales.

          But boycotting businesses for no real reason will just result in Aussie battlers losing their jobs. Gerry Harvey won't starve, no matter what you do.

            It's not a boycott on my part. I'll shop there if there's a reason to. I don't want to have to haggle over things. This isn't a tea market in China. It's a department store. They don't offer good service, better stock, superior quality. It's just the idea that we should pay more for less. Worse, that idea is being floated by a jerk. A jerk who publicly called people names for not making him rich and then tried to destroy real "aussie battlers" running smaller scale online stores by pushing for legislation to make life easier for him and harder for them.

            The Gamesmen on the other hand, are often more expensive than other places, but they have a solid sense of the community and their customers, they care about the product and the customers, and when they are more expensive, it's because they're smaller and don't have the buying power. I'll happily support them. But Harvey Norman? Not until they give me a reason. Huge discounts are about the only thing that'll make me give them a second glance.

    Sweet, time to finally get stuck into witcher i think!

    Also, how can they still call sunset overdrive a 'day one' editon lol

    Nuthin I want that I don't already got.

      Same here. Always seems that by the time Harvey Norman has a sale with decent prices, I've already picked it up elsewhere just as cheap.

    Got Mad Max around it's release date, haven't got to playing it yet though and now I see it's $44. This is far from the first time this situation has happened to me, I really need to learn to not buy games until I get my way around to actually starting them then I might save some money haha.

      I set rules for myself at times, shit like not buying a sequel til I finish the first. Or avoiding more in the same genre unless I know I'll knock it over quickly.

    Fair warning: I've bought a couple of times from these sales in past. Nothing but grief, with rude customer service, cancelled orders due to 'limited stock' and slow delivery. Vote with your wallet and don't support these clowns.

      Harvey was a huge prick about online sales for years. He tried to get legal intervention to protect his brick and mortar business and kill online sales. He accused online retailers of killing Australian businesses and blamed consumers for hurting his expensive, inflexible business model that delivered poor customer service.

      Then he opened a huge online store, pretended he'd been into it all along, and then blamed consumers for shopping online with other retailers instead of his expensive, inflexible online business model that delivered poor customer service.

    DriveClub is a great game - can't go wrong for $19.

    And the Bikes expansion is currently on sale on PSN for just under $15, too.

    Going to add Sunset Overdrive to my pile of shame.....in store pickup dodges the postage

    Good luck getting UNTIL DAWN. Went into Oxley today to get it, turns out nearly every single store in Brisbane is sold out of it, or just flat out did not have stock. However it's 'on order' but 'not due for a little while, possibly after the sale'...*grumble*

      Buy it online - only costs $6 extra

        Yeah gonna have to. Tried to get it delivered to a store, wouldn't even let me do that :\

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