DayZ Developers Show Off Shiny New DirectX 11 Graphics Engine

DayZ Developers Show Off Shiny New DirectX 11 Graphics Engine

While we wait for Vulkan and DirectX 12 to gather momentum, developers are still tweaking the knobs of DirectX 11. The team behind DayZ for example are currently putting the finishing touches on the game’s “Enfusion” rendering engine, which is powered by older API.

The technology isn’t quite ready for prime-time it seems, but Brian Hicks, DayZ‘s creative director, was happy to show off the differences between the new renderer and the current DirectX 9 renderer in the video above.

It’s interesting, though I reckon Hicks spends way too much time running around a completely dark scene, which doesn’t really provide a good comparison. However, from about the 5:30-mark, we get to see a geometry-heavy area where the performance boost is significant — usually in the order of 1.5x to 2x, and sometimes better.

You might be wondering why the developers are bothering with DirectX 11 instead of 12 (or even Vulkan). The long and short of it is that 11 is a tried-and-true API that’s fully supported on all modern hardware — and a great deal of GPUs from even five years ago. So the benefits will be felt immediately by the majority of users once the update rolls out.

.60 Dev Log / Performance Comparison [YouTube]


  • But is it too late is the question? Will the zombies get a gigantic overhaul as well?

    I love DayZ, god knows I do, but even with a faster framerate etc, the zombies feel amateur hour these days, the game needs to be gutted and redone to a *large* degree, entirely starting with the zombies.

    • Zombies have only ever been an obstacle or an extra wrinkle in combat with other players. In the dev vid prior to this one Hicks “rings the dinner bell” n has a swarm of zeds home in on him the size of which ive never seen in dayz before. It was genuinely overpowering n if he didnt have a tricked up M4 he would have been a walking buffet in seconds. So theres hope yet for solid undead slaying shenanigans.

      • Indeed, however the main factor is while they stopped them running through half the buildings (thank god) they still run through the other half (ergh). I dearly hope this is fixed with the new engine. Also some smoother animations for the zombies would be great, seriously. Upping the zombie count is fantastic, hordes in the cities finally means terrifying zombies, and the way they changed their attacks a few months back meant you could no longer sidestep, hit, sidestep hit etc like you used to, that was great, but the ever present bugs were detrimental, ruining the experience 🙁

        I can’t wait for the new renderer honestly, but the question is, with the rate players have been dropping off, will it be too late to rescue DayZ?

  • I’ve often heard it’s not a good idea to learn DX12 before you really know 11 well since it’s much more complex – and that there’s not much documentation on 12 so not a great idea to learn it yet

  • Even tho Vulkan has some shader issues atm I think that it’s the better API to eventually merge to, Of cause you can learn DX12 porting and then move that to Vulkan reasonable easily, they use SPIR-V for that or something?

    I believe Vulkan will end up being better in the long run due to multi-platform support and also the LARGE amount of people contributing to it, DX12 JUST has MS and Windows10 Platform.

  • Ahh DayZ. Such a game of extremes. Can be absolutely gorgeous or horrifically ugly. Boring as batshit or sphincter clenchingly tense. Combat that either runs like clockwork or death by desync. Never have i loved and hated a game so much.

  • So it’s a guy running around demonstrating the fact they’ve optimised their occlusion culling, while reading from a script?

    DayZ could have been something great. Instead they half-assed about at the start of development.

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