Target Just Slashed Prices On Consoles And Old Games

Target Just Slashed Prices On Consoles And Old Games

For a business that once looked like they were abandoning gaming altogether, Target has done a pretty good job of appealing to gamers with some heavy discounts. Their Ebay store offerings before Christmas were some of the best all year, something many of you took advantage of.

They’re now apparently in the process of clearing out a good deal of gaming stock, from consoles to games.

The post comes courtesy of OzBargain, where it was revealed that the company has slashed the price on everything to accessories, consoles and games for largely old stock.

The deals are available in-store and online, although once stock is depleted they won’t be replenished. It’s basically a clearance sale, so you’ll want to get moving — because there are some good offerings.


Xbox One (500GB) Assassin’s Creed bundle ($329, down from $499) Xbox 360 (500GB) Console ($149, down from $279) Wii U Premium Splatoon Bundle ($279, down from $359) PS4 (500GB) Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Bundle ($399, down from $419) PS4 (1TB) Star Wars Battlefront Bundle ($479, down from $549) PS3 (500GB) console ($200, down from $399) Xbox One (1TB) Halo 5 Bundle ($399, down from $598) Xbox One Wireless Controller & Play and Charge Kit ($60, down from $89)

The Xbox One deal is pretty tempting by this stage. You can upgrade the hard drive easily enough — although it still comes down to the age-old problem of what games you want to play.

The wireless controller deal isn’t half bad though. 4-port USB hubs are also $5 for both consoles; they’re surprisingly useful.

That Splatoon bundle’s a bit too high for my liking as well, given how tantalisingly close NX is.


Plenty of surprise bargains here, but you’ll want to read through the whole list.

Dragonball Xenoverse PS4 ($40, down from $74) Don Bradman Cricket 14 XBO/PS4 ($50, down from $89) Disney Infinity 3.0 Special Edition Starter Pack PS4 ($59, down from $149) Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PC ($35, down from $79) Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare 360/XBO/PS3/PS4 ($20, down from $89) Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition PS4 ($49, down from $79) Assassin’s Creed: Unity PS4/XBO ($15, down from $49) Rayman Legends PS4/XBO ($15, down from $49) Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition XBO ($10, down from $23) The Evil Within PS4/XBO ($20, down from $35/$25 respectively) Until Dawn PS4 ($29, down from $89) F1 2015 PS4/XBO ($25, down from $59) Far Cry 4 PS4/XBO ($20, down from $59) Mortal Kombat X PS4/XBO ($30, down from $69) NBA 2K15 PS4/XBO ($25, down from $49) Project CARS PS4/XBO ($30, down from $59) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor PS4/XBO ($25, down from $49)

Solid offerings. The deals on Don Bradman are quite nice too — plenty of time to train up before the sequel comes out at the end of the year.

If you’re after Amiibo, good news: they’ve all been slashed to $10, down from $17. That includes figures such as Lucario, Duck Hunt, Mega Man, Marth, Tom Nook, Pikachu, and all the others. No word on whether Target won’t restock Amiibo — you’d think they would at some point — however, but again you’ll have to check local stores for availability.

So that’s the full list of most of what’s on offer. Anything take your fancy?

[Target | OzBargain]


  • Was hoping there would be a cheap Ps4 Camera or move controllers for VR but no such luck!

  • It might be worth keeping in mind the rumors around PS 4.5 and the upgrades to the Xbox one that have been speculated about recently. Might not be anything but I don’t think I’ll buy a console in the next couple of months till E3 just in case

    • I doubt this sale has much to do with new consoles coming soon. It probably has more to do with Target having to write off $20M from their earnings for the last half year.

      Some managers came up with the idea of getting some suppliers to give them a $20M discount on goods in exchange for paying an extra $20M next half year (cancelling out the savings).

      • I worked at target over the summer, in the digital department.

        These assasins creed xboxs sat in the back room. Not advertised, not on display. No customers knew about them, so none of them ever sold. We would run out of stock on the holiday bundles etc but these literally were just collecting dust. Until now where they put them on clearance.

      • James can you explain further? Im trying to understand that comment but it doesent make sense to me. Why would any business – “write off earnings?” – Unless its a sale of which is a bad debt..
        Writing off any “earnings” at all can only be done via bad debt OR returns of products to suppliers for being faulty goods (i.e. customer returns broken Xbox, Target reverse the sale and reduce their initial expense via a credit note). – As Target is a retail business, they effectively have no debtors (from a customer perspective anyway…)
        Furthermore, in your example, if Target managers had the capacity to negotiate with suppliers directly and request a 20mil discount on products for their store – Whilst promising them to pay them back the 20mil the following year – that is technically.. no different from buying something on “credit” … And in that case, by that logic, the following year when they have to pay Microsoft (or any supplier they made that deal with) they would have to increase their prices substantially (higher than their prior starting price) in order to facilitate paying back 20million they “borrowed” the prior year… Because now they have to replenish their stock.. whilst owing 20 million…

        • They wrote off the earnings because they never existed.

          The difference between the scheme Target used and a simple credit arrangement is that the line of credit would appear as a debt in the filings in the first half of the year. By not disclosing the debt, it looked like their net profits were higher than they really were.

    • It’s funny because this is exactly what I thought when I saw this article – granted it probably isn’t the case, but the timing and discount amount is interesting.

  • I have no need to buy an XBone whatsoever and nothing can change my…. *reads article*


  • I bought Bloodborne from Target for $29 a couple weeks ago, so $49 isn’t terribly exciting!

  • “That Splatoon bundle’s a bit too high for my liking as well, given how tantalisingly close NX is”

    Except we have no idea what it is or if it’s even being released in every territory this year.

    This is practically rendering any other sort of price slash on the Wii U as pointless as well.

    THAT SAID, the first party Wii U games on that list have some very strange price ‘reductions’. Big W flogs their Wii U stuff cheaper than that AT LAUNCH.

  • Microsoft has already confirmed they have no plans on a new console just yet so it’s either ps4 4.5 or nothing but i assume the ps4 4.5 is real especially considering the rumors about the nintendo NX been slightly more powerful than a ps4.

  • So tempting to get an Xbox One now at those prices, when I have yet to play Halo 5 and wanting to get Quantum Break, and also to get Rise Of The Tomb Raider sooner rather than later.

    But the sensible part of me is saying hold off for possible news of an updated model. Even if that turns out to be a bust, the RRP will one day get that low anyway, just like in any console life cycle.

  • Went down to Chatswood Target yesterday afternoon. It had been cleaned out (not that it had a good selection to begin with). Some bloke was so desperate for a bargain that he bought a couple of copies of The Order 1886 😛

  • I’ve never owned an XBox of any kind but $329 for the AC bundle with Kinect was a little too good to pass up. The missus grabbed the last one at Target Hornsby (as well as some $1-$5 3DS games for the kids, and $1 Skylanders).

    The XBox makes for a great media centre/blu-ray player and it will be nice to play the exclusives there. Didn’t enjoy the system updates and UI though.

  • Grabbed the Xbone Assassins Creed Bundle tonight. I had expected my Target to be cleared out but they had plenty of stuff still.

    Now to wait 3 days for it to download everything.

  • Anyone else suspicious about selling out entirely of all PS4 consoles just a few weeks before a rumored PS4 Neo announcement? Given rumored specs are double the speed and faster ram who would buy an old one from June until Sept release?

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