Sometimes Player Characters Make The Best Cosplays

One of the best things about player characters in games like Dragon Age is spending hours and hours (and hours and hours) perfectly customising your character. Most of us leave it there, but Canberra cosplayer Soylent Cosplay has taken it a step further, bringing her Qunari Inquisitor to life in this beautiful cosplay.

Lead Image via Maddic Photography

Image via Hannah O'Neill Photography

Soylent Cosplay has been featured here before for stellar special effects makeup, and this cosplay doesn't disappoint with its detailed vitaar and amazing horns. The design wasn't taken from any one character in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but instead amalgamated from a heap of different design elements that Soylent Cosplay liked.

Images via Hannah O'Neill Photography and Timothy Souter Photography.

You can follow her Facebook for more on the conceptual process behind this Qunari design, and more photos of the finished costume.


Image via Decade Three Photography

Aus Cosplay is a regular feature that showcases the best local cosplay talent out of Australia and New Zealand.


    She looks like such a badass in that fourth shot... She definitely sided with the templars

    I just wish I could have gotten a female Qunari to look that good in game. The card art makes them seem like these graceful, but deadly beings, but the in game creator always came out looking like a derp, and with no option for long hair like that.

      There are actually mods which fix that! You should check out the player characters on the nexus.

      Unfortunately, unlike the 'nexus mod manager' tools which slot really nice and easy into Fallout/Skyrim, the process for getting mods injected into DA:I is a little more cumbersome. But once you get the hang of it, it's not too bad.

        Unfortunately I played through on console. My PC would have had a heart attack trying to run DA:I. =P

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