Pokemon Sun And Moon's Newest Monster Is Literally A Lei

Introducing Comfey, Pokemon Sun and Moon's silliest monster design (so far). Actually, there are a few new critters to check out courtesy of the latest Sun and Moon trailer:

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My question is: Can you wear Comfey? And is Comfey as comfy as the name implies? At least the design makes some sort of sense: The Sun and Moon locale is loosely based on Hawaii, after all.

Also important: You get to see more of the Pikachu imposter in action. Unfortunately it is NOT called Pikaboo. It's Mimikyu!

There's also a Japanese version of this trailer, which shows off more animations:

And some new artwork to gawk at:


    Well at least so far they haven't plumbed the depths they went to with Trubbish, but I feel they'll never again ascend to the greatness of Shoe.

      Leave Trubbish alone you monster!

        Literally garbage, they got the idea from scraping the bottom of a dumpster, probably after throwing away the ice cream cone that inspired Vanillish.

          I still love my Trubbish regardless of such personal attacks on his appearance, it's the garbage on the inside that counts

      Wait, Trubbish was miles ahead of the ice cream cone and the set of keys. This latest one is an accessory people wear. Can't wait for when they announce a Pokemon in the form of a toilet.

      Last edited 20/07/16 12:38 pm

        Klefki actually had decent lore behind it which made sense though. Chingling (the bell) bothered me more, despite having a pretty good name :P

    It looks like lei running out of ideas.

      *Opens the door*

        *Looks down at the ground in embarrassment and walks out the door*

      I am sure a lot of Pokemon go trainers would want to score a lei

    I thought their ice cream monster was lazy then they came out with the keyring monster. This is reaching lazy new depths. That is to say, the devs can't even be bothered to stand using their own muscles anymore and have collapsed on the ground and are just coming with ideas using what they see while down there.

    Looking forward to Carpetomon.

      Didn't read this comment till after I posted by my own (see above). Glad I'm not alone calling out the ice cream and set of keys.

    Doesn't seem that outrageous. It's just the new regions version of Flabébé. Mudsdale and Beware seem to be the really dumb looking ones.

      How good is the name Bewear though! Especially based on its lore hahaha

    Disliking any of the recent designs is fine. Go nuts. I personally intensely dislike Mudsdale. But Mimkyu and Comfey are top notch (it's Hawaii remember? A lei is freaking genius).

    That being said I'd like to remind people that basing a Pokémon on something that is not an animal has been happening since Red, Blue, and Yellow. This includes Magnemite and Magneton, Voltorb and Electrode, Grimer and Muk, Geodude, Wobbuffet, Pineco, the Regi Pokémon, Drifloon and Drifblim, Bronzor and Bronzong, Rotom, Klink, Klang and KlinKlang, Chandelure, and Honedge, Doublade and Aegislash.

    Now it's perfectly okay to dislike any of these Pokémon. But to say that Gamefreak and The Pokémon Company are running out of ideas, because they based a Pokémon on a lei or a set of keys is not even nearly fair. Geodude is a literal rock with arms. Wobbuffet is I don't even know what (a punching bag?). The Regis are just an ice formation, a rock formation and a robot. Drifblim is a hot air ballon. Kilnklang is a set of gears. Aegislash is just a sword and shield.

    Every generation has its share of dud and amazing designs. But to say they're lazy? Or uninspired? Just seems like people like to get upset because not everything can be a Charizard or a Pidegeot.

      I consider the weird/stupid Pokemon as a sign of diversity not laziness. Every generation is made up of several different types of Pokemon designs. You've got the local creature stuff like Pidgey. The core Pokemon stuff like the Gen I starters. The type showcase stuff like Electabuzz. The cute stuff like Jigglypuff. The battle stuff like Scyther. The cool stuff like Onyx. The monstrous stuff like Gyarados. The themed stuff like Hitmonlee. The weird stuff like Exeggcute and Jynx. With plenty of overlap.
      I don't think Gen I would have been as successful if it were made up of the top 150 designs of all time. They throw a wide net with Pokemon designs and even if nobody loves Klefki it still pays off having that diverse cast. At the very least they make things more interesting. Getting jumped by Trubbish is always good for a laugh.

        Exactly right. I for one love the weirdo designs. I'll take an Ice Cream over another stupid bug or fish anytime.

    I'm liking the design of these new Pokemon!

    The pseudo Ghost/Fairy Pikachu looking thing is kind of frightening but quite a unique typing and could be fun in competitive i'm sure, similarly i actually really like the design for mudsdale despite just being a ground type horse.

    The Lei pokemon seems a bit too.... lei Z =P

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