Players Who Pirated Pokemon Sun And Moon Say Nintendo Is Banning Them

Given the amount of information that's floating around, seemingly the entire internet downloaded Pokemon Sun and Moon before release. Well, it seems that the ban hammer is finally coming down on those pirates.

Earlier this month, links containing files for Pokemon Sun and Moon started circulating the web. Not only did these files allow full access to the games, players could even go online and play with/against others, just like everyone else.

Fast-forward to right now, and reports are coming in from sources like GBA Temp and 4Chan, where people are claiming that they are getting banned on the 3DS. Reportedly, these bans won't allow players to go online on Pokemon Sun and Moon, or even access the general eshop to purchase or redownload already-owned titles. It's the sort of thing that, for some people, will necessitate buying another 3DS:

This turn of events is causing some commotion among pirates:

Others are taking the bans shockingly well:

The ongoing assumption among pirates is that the bans are mostly happening to people who downloaded Sun and Moon and then went online with them, which is pretty knuckle-headed:

Those affected are trying to figure out how to circumvent the bans, and some of the proposed methods sound wild. Some players are suggesting, for example, to acquire a legit 3DS by purchasing one, extracting its information and injecting it into the banned 3DS, and then returning the new 3DS to retailers — potentially fucking over whoever goes on to buy that system in the future.

Some players are reportedly calling Nintendo's support lines for piracy bans, to no avail. Others are debating whether or not Nintendo is going too far with entire 3DS limitations, rather than just Sun and Moon. And while not everyone who pirated the game is getting hit, even the lucky unaffected ones are starting to feel the heat:

Damn. Lesson learned, at least.

We reached out to Nintendo about Sun and Moon bans but had not heard back at time of writing.

Thanks for the tip, @Evo2587.


    Moral of the story: LOL

      Right? What were people thinking taking their pirated game online.


      As soon as I saw this story, before I even read it, I knew it would be filled with these pirates blaming Nintendo for their ban.

      These people have no brain.

    Violate TOS. Get banned. I'm currently preparing a shipment of tiny violins to address the situation ;)

      How much do I need to put down to pre-order a tiny violin?

    I don't get why people are dumb enough to play their pirated games that haven't been released yet online?

    Not sure whether or not my 12 year old self would've been dumb enough to get done by this. I think I may have been?
    So, maybe some sympathy for the kids. The adults: lol.

    Pirate the game then complain about getting banned. Some humans are beyond even trying to understand.

      More so, blame some random Joe Smuck from the net when they said it was safe to go online... Cause Joe Smuck knows how Nintendo's shit works, both present and in the future

        Probably the same people that put their iPhone in the microwave to charge it.

        Joe Smuck keeps telling me I'll get banned for putting an SSD in my Xbox One. I can't find anyone that HAS been banned, just the occasional person having to switch the hard drive back because an OS update had a HDD firmware update that wasn't compatible, but it still has me too paranoid to give it a go :/

    While I find it gut-bustingly hilarious that these knuckle draggers are getting #rekt (to borrow 4chan language). I do wonder if completely locking out and banning these people from accessing their legitimately bought games is a wise move. I get that these goons broke their TOS and Nintendo are totally within their rights to pull such a move. But will this hurt them in the long run?

      I think that the burn they feel might just make them think twice about pirating games in the future. I bet that many of those pirates will just buy new 3DSs. Fact is, Nintendo offers a unique experience and no matter how these people may shout "I'll never buy from you again", I'd wager they will be back.

      If people went to this length to play a game, how many games do you suspect they bought from the eShop in the first place? Id say very few.

      System still works. Just cant go online or the eShop.

        On the other hand, if you did purchase legitimately and had this one pirated game, and then lost all your legitimate purchases, would you come back for more? Or would you just pirate them all?

    Nothing stupider than people doing something that is both stupid & wrong & then blaming others when they get caught & punished for it.

    Also shaking my head at the people who say that they'll never buy from Nintendo again when they didn't even buy the fucking game in the first place.

      There are also people out there who would have pirated it not just because it was free but because they could play a game they had been waiting ages for over a week early.

      Mind you if they get their eshop games banned they can just re-download the pirated versions.

    Reminds me of the guy who says Speed Limits don't matter and cries when he gets Speeding tickets.

    Actions have consequences, no point crying over how it's not fair. You took something and this is the punishment. Now if I get banned after going and buying the game tomorrow or because the legit physical cartridge broke street date than I do believe I have a legit reason to complain.

      Though most speeding tickets don't come with a crushing of your car as well.

    The pirates be waving a flag at Nintendo with the slogan "C'MON, DO IT, DO IT NOW!"

    Last edited 17/11/16 11:51 am

    You'll get banned ddduuuuuuuhhhh

    After buying a 3ds and sun - just because it looked so good (and it is), I can't imagine playing it totally offline. A big part of the experience for me so far has been the trading systems, and the online battles.

    It also means there is something to strive for after 'finishing' the main storyline.

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