What Are You Playing This Weekend?

My, my... The first straight week after two weeks with public holidays. How are you all handling it? And how are you planning on winding down for the weekend?

I don't know if I'll get any time for games this weekend, with the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney event on.

But if I do, it'll probably be continuing the Dawn of War 3 campaign, finishing the Forts campaign, a bit of Topsoil on the mobile, or maybe even loading up Little Nightmares. That game looks amazing, and I've got company coming over so sneaking around horrific scenes might be a little more social than making people watch me press Q over and over on squads of Orks.

I can also tell you one thing that is absolutely certain: Serrels will be playing Breath of the Wild. And loving it.

How about you? There's certainly no lack of games to choose from. What are you getting into over the weekend?


    More Breath of the Wild here too. Going to take on some Lynel's unless I get sidetracked for hours again like last night. Which I probably will.

    Best mate's wedding tomorrow, and I've got Monday off - so figuring Sunday/Monday will be incredibly unproductive, and likely hungover.

    Finished Dawn of War 3 yesterday, so might muck about with some comp stomps for funsies and to level Elites up. Otherwise, my mission to 3-star all cups on 200cc in MK8 continues, and just jumped back into FFXIV because a mate did, and in anticipation of Stormblood.

    Darksiders Warmastered edition. 5 hours in, loving the Zelda nostalgia!

      Underrated game that one, loved it a few years ago.

      Picked up the 1 and 2 remaster for Xbone a couple of months back. Really need to make time. Played Darksiders on PS3 originally, but got distracted or waylaid after 5-10 hours.

      Need to get into this - I keep hearing the Zelda references and am keen to try it out

        Darksiders Fury’s Collection – War and Death is currently 50% off on Xbox store if you are an Xbox owner.

    Escape from Tarkov, PUBG and getting some mates for a couple of rounds of Depth, What the box or Contagion.

      I feel like your compiled choices are the Masochist's Super-Ultra-Megalist.

        Only way to maintain my youth... and 24/7 erection.

    Ill be continuing on with Persona 5 while contemplating strategies that'll talk my wife into letting me buy a Switch...

      Try for the ultimate play: a strategy that will allow your wife to talk YOU into getting a Switch, to which you will reluctantly acquiesce.

    Dragon Quest Builders - PS Vita
    Up to the 3rd world now

      That game is so brilliant and underrated. Hope you're enjoying it!

    Think i'll be spending my weekend with Prey and finally finishing Xcom 2 (suddenly got an urge to get right back into it)

    Finally finished The Witcher Enhanced Edition (Clunky combat, but I loved it), but I'll probably spend a few hours on Minecraft which has been my go-to game for relaxing short sessions for the last 3 years. The majority of my weekend will be binge watching Twin Peaks Season 1, 2 & Fire Walk With Me on Blu-Ray in preparation of the new season.

      Did you use any mods for Witcher? I've been tossing up whether to just go with 3 or start from the beginning, but I've heard mods are pretty good for the earlier 2 games

        No, I tend to always go vanilla when I'm playing through a game for the first time. Though the 1st Witcher would definitely benefit from some mods to help iron out some poor gameplay mechanics and bugs. I thought the second Witcher was terrific, but played that on the 360 (my PC at that time couldn't run it smoothly). I'd recommend you play the first 2 games because the story & characters are strong and will ultimately make your play through of The Witcher 3 that more meaningful.

    d&d and mead making and if I get time, more snakepass. I'm finally getting the hang of that game.

      I brew too much beer, but I have to make another mead I think. Still have a bottle of my last batch which is about 2 years old and it's still amazing!!!

        I just finished making a 5L batch of vanilla mead and damn it came out amazingly. Next batch is gonna be an apple pie mead. I've got most of it down, but I want to try getting a biscuity flavour as well to act like the crust. I'll need to do some research

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    Horizon Zero Dawn, about 2/3 through the main quest line and doing all side-quests etc.

    Moe Chronicle on Vita. It's a bit grindy but OK game mechanics and it's classic JRPG-moe-fanservice.

    Maybe some SingStar?

    Only about halfway through BoTW, so will be soldiering on with that. Also picked up Persona 5 yesterday, so will probably try and start that over the weekend...

    Had today and yesterday off due to combined SDO & Sickness - so a cursed blessing....

    Dark Souls 2 w/the misses - Zelda: BotW when she's sewing & 1 2 SWITCH with the offspring in between.

    Streaming Tomb Raider The Last Revelation. Then playing SQUAD to chill :P

    mario kart and on my second botw playthrough

    Playing Nier. The original one. Yeah, Nier Automata hit me real hard. I thought Zelda would be easily GOTY in some senses, but man... Automata is so good!

    Going to do try for some serious hours on Horizon : ZD tonight. About half way through. Just got to Meridian at dusk. Goddamn this game is so pretty and has plenty of wow moments. Also just got absolutely destroyed by my first ThunderJaw sighting. Ill be back my friend, oh yes, ill be back

      Oh boy, yeah, that Thunderjaw on the way to Meridian is imposing. When my Aloy was low-level she only fought that guy while he was distracted by some Carja soldiers or bandits.

      Having now fought many Thunderjaws, I will say that ropes are your friends! Many ropes!

    Yakuza 0. 40+ hours in and maybe 30% through the main story :|

    Afl evolution with some mates for the weekend before returning to horizon and maybe a sneaky hour of Prey

    Tumbleseed and Has Been Heroes on the Switch.

    And if I get super keen I'll get back into Witcher 3 and try and finish it.

    Tumbleseed and Has Been Heroes on the Switch.

    And if I get super keen I'll get back into Witcher 3 and try and finish it.

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    Working through the Nioh DLC... considering I'm on the titular boss, I think I'm pretty close to finishing it. Might continue Way of the Strong to try to unlock the new difficulty level... Otherwise, more Persona 5 and maybe Prey.

    I've got so many new games to play but until I get a PS4 controller that doesn't hurt my hand, those will have to wait.

    instead i'm playing
    Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (Free to play game)
    Shinobi on PS2
    Shinobi on 3DS
    Plague Knight's story in Shovel Knight
    and trying to get my unlocks back in Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and 4 since I lost all my PS3 save data =P

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