Cliff Bleszinski Doesn’t Rule Out Free-To-Play Shift For LawBreakers

Cliff Bleszinski Doesn’t Rule Out Free-To-Play Shift For LawBreakers
Image: Boss Key

Despite constant attention from developer Boss Key Productions, LawBreakers continues to struggle with player counts. Recently, CEO and designer Cliff Bleszinski admitted it might take extreme measures to keep the title afloat, including a potential switch to a free-to-play model.

In a somewhat confusing-to-read interview from GameSpot (thanks to the author failing to denote the questions and answers beyond the first couple of paragraphs), Bleszinski leaves the door open to LawBreakers going F2P, however, he feels the game isn’t there yet:

…60 dollars is a lot of money [for a video game]. Even 100 dollars for all the special editions that you see coming out. And I was of the belief that $29.99 … It’s pretty much an impulse buy. And did it help? Did it hurt? Should it have gone free? Maybe. Would we consider experimenting with that in the future? I wouldn’t remove it from the table.

Bleszinski calls free-to-play “sleazy”; he doesn’t want to be on the nose with LawBreakers’ “fledgling community”. That said, he’s cognisant that the company’s hand may be forced if the game expands into other markets:

Well, we’re considering in the future, rolling the game out in Asia. It’s one of those things that you almost have to do that in Asia, so we’ll be considering doing that, maybe one of those things if we do it there, would it make sense to roll it back out to the states? Possibly. But, I don’t want to start doing gun rentals any time soon in game.

Hard times for CliffyB, though pretty much par for the course for a majority of independent developers.

Cliff Bleszinski On Saving LawBreakers [GameSpot, via Blue’s News]


  • ” And I was of the belief that $29.99 … It’s pretty much an impulse buy.”

    Considering that the generally held value for “impulse buy” is about $12, they overshot the mark a bit there.

    I personally think the name of the game hurt them a fair bit. Law Breakers sounds like a cops and robbers GTA style game, not an arena shooter. So the people who the name attracts aren’t going to be interested in what the game is, and the people who would be interested in the game aren’t going to see it because they won’t look at a game with that title. That’s my two cents at least…

  • I could be wrong here but I think it’s a case of ” you reap what you sow “. Cliff B had a good pitch with this game but there are so many other games like this out there. Not too sure that Cliff B’s statement that PC gaming was dead and never had a future years ago was a wise move, PC gaming whore’s like me remember that kind of thing.

    • Yes and ironically his probably pissed off his xbox fanbase as well with his comments during the development of this game!

  • Played the Beta, didn’t enjoy it that much despite loving Unreal Tournament. I have so many titles vying for my time that I’d rather play. Lawbreakers is missing that “Unique Value Proposition” that would make me want to play it over anything similar.

  • I’ll admit it. I fucking loved it and bought it for $30. But for months now I’ve been unable to find a game.

    It makes me sad, because it’s a really fun game.

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