The Cheapest Copies Of Far Cry 5 In Australia

Do you want to save this very good boy? Of course you do. But if you'd like to do it as cheaply as possible, then here are the best deals around the country for Far Cry 5.

Update 29/3: The prices below have been updated post-launch, after several increases from retailers at home and abroad.

Far Cry 5 isn't officially available until tomorrow morning, or tomorrow afternoon if your code unlocks on Steam. Patching will be a lot faster if you buy at retail, although those picking up PC copies should prepare for the possibility that you might be buying a code regardless.

Either way, here's the best deals at the moment.

Amazon Australia: $69.95 (PC, PS4, XBO)

Was around $60 before launch, but it's gone up to $69.95 now the game's out.

eBay: $75 (PS4)

Was a better deal before launch, but it's gone up to the less enticing $75 since.

Big W: $79 (PS4, XBO)

Big Dubb not competing real hard on prices here. I haven't seen the latest catalogue to see if they'll do a special day one deal yet - and we'll keep you posted if they do - but for now, this is basically par for the course. Not awful, but you can do better.

Mighty Ape: $69 (PC, PS4, XBO)

Still $69 post-release, and a good option if it's a local store.

JB Hi-Fi: $79 (PC, PS4, XBO)

Was $69 on the day, but that price has since bumped up.

The Gamesmen: $78 (PS4, XBO), $89.95 (PC)

Again, par for the course (unless you're on PC).

OzGameShop: $69.99 (PS4, XBO)

Reasonable enough price, but not good enough to justify the lengthy delay in shipping when local outlets (ignoring Amazon Australia) offer the same deal.

Target: $69 (PS4/XBO)

Target Australia confirmed that they would be stocking Far Cry 5, but they couldn't confirm the price until launch day. Pity.

Update: The price is confirmed at $69, thanks to the latest catalogue.

EB Games: $99.95 (PC, PS4, XBO)

Otherwise known as the "pricematch from somewhere else". Like somewhere on this list!

Harvey Norman: $69 (PC, PS4, XBO)

Pretty reasonable price if you pre-order. Alternatively, don't pre-order, and get the game for $69 anyway via a retailer that won't hike the price afterwards.

Green Man Gaming: $69.89 (PC)

Not bad, but not great. At those prices, you might as well buy local.

Fanatical: $68.98 (PC)

Slightly better than GMG, but not by much. Fanatical has a 10% offer going right now if you use the SPRING10 code at checkout, but that code doesn't apply to pre-orders, so you might have to wait until post-launch to get a better deal.

Steam: $86.67 (PC)


So that's the best prices you can get for Far Cry 5 right now. Target might come in under the radar, as they have in the past, although I'm betting they'll probably land on $68 or $69.

Have you seen any deals for Far Cry 5 lately? Let us know below!

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    Where is the rumoured Steam is switching to $AUD pricing? Its long overdue considering we are one of the few regions on Steam still trading in US dollars

      High Court is still waiting to hear the case (read: probably shut Valve's arguments down) so that might be a cause for the delay. It's supported in the backend, as is region specific pricing for Australia.

    If you redeem 100 uplay points on PC, then use that 20% off code at checkout through uPlay, the Deluxe version comes down to $71.96.

      Which still costs more than $60

        Not much more than the best price of $69 above for the PC version. And you get 72 points towards the next 100 to get 20% off something else. But then it is uplay.

        For one thing, the PC prices are $68-69, not $60, and as @rowan said, its $71 for deluxe, or ~$69 for standard.

      Can't be applied to preorders apparently.

        I tried it yesterday, and added it to my cart, applied the code as a promo code at checkout, that's how I got the price above.

      Thank you for this, I bought it on uplay after seeing this. Funny thing is both the std & deluxe versions are the same price :/

      Anyway you spend 100pts to get 20% off, and then they give you back like 80pts for buying the game.

    The Amazon Aus deal worked for a total of $49.95 included free shipping. You also didnt have to be a new sign up to Amazon. The code just worked.
    While Target sometimes have some insane release day prices I cant see them beating $49.95.

      It didn't work for me prior to posting, and the site says the code has expired now.

    I want an Xbox download code. Looking at $80AU from the US Xbox store.... and then I have to wait nearly a day longer for it to unlock.

    F*cking stupid everything.

    How are EB games still in business who in their right mind would pay 99.95 for a copy of Far Cry 5.

      Because they are a game business, have stuff no one else does, you can pre order shit if you are worried about getting it at release, and you can make them price match better deals.

        Ive seen better pre order prices on Amazon way before they came to Australia. Amazon does better stuff than them. So I cant see how they "Have stuff no one else does"

          Ok, how about "Have stuff no one else does in Australia". Good job being pedantic.

            Found the EB games Employee/Fanboy.

              You couldn't see something. I made you see.
              They often have EB exclusives. Of course you can often get the same things overseas but they get the Aus exclusive.

              I have never worked for them.

              I bought most of my games and Switch last year from Big W.

          You can preorder for $10 at EB whereas digital sales normally require full upfront payment so EB accommodates those with limited disposable income week to week.

      Fairly sure they are the only place you can walk in, flash a better price from your phone (JB / Target / Big W etc) and purchase at that price.

      Plus, if you don't like it, its easy as p1ss to return it within the week.

      Because they often pricematch and make millions from pre owned games.

    Pardon my ignorance, but why is Amazon's pricing for PC $10 more than console when, I assume, it's just a code to digital download the game as opposed to a physical copy?

      While i don't know why it's 10 dollars more the Amazon version is a physical copy.

    Target has updated it's price according a scan of their catalogue, it's now $69.

    Last edited 26/03/18 7:57 pm

    Big-W are selling it for $69 for the first 2 days only, according to their promo newsletter.

    You say that GMG has an okay price but better elsewhere, however you haven't listed any PC price less than $69?

    Amazon code looks dead.

    God damn Steam has shitty pricing unless it's a sale. The fact it's in USD is just insulting too.

    Is there any reason to buy it? I liked 3, 4 was more of the same and I just couldn't get into it. It only cost $15 though so I feel like I got value. But I'm not keen for more.

      There is no point buying new games anymore, there's too many big games coming out to waste paying full price for them. I'm still buying games that came out in 2016 (I'm biased though, I don't play online)

        I think you're right. And the prices come down so fast that you can get a deal on anything if you're patient.

        I just picked up dishonored 2 for $9.

        This, Ubisoft games get super cheap. I am not buying it yet because I need to finish 4 then finish Primal.

        This will be 2 for 40 by the end of the year at JB Hifi

      For you maybe not, but I never played four or primal and it sounds quite cool so I'm in on this one. Quite excited to play it, been a while since I've been excited by a new release

        Good luck. Hope it's not just more of the same!

        At least the graphics will be 4% purtier.

    I purchased off the us store for about $70aud.
    With game sharing with a mate, as everyone should be doing, only cost me $35. And it’s digital!

    I will be waiting and picking up the edition which comes with the statue when it inevitably goes on sale at eb games in a few months. For the last couple of years almost every Ubisoft game that has had an edition which includes a statue has had lots of leftover stock that went on sale at a later date.

      The amount of Watch Dogs 2 Statue Editions floating around my local EB after release was depressing.

        Haha yep I managed to snag one of those for about half price as there was so many after release

    Does that price get you the whole game?
    There are micro-transactions in it. Do I need to buy these in order to complete it, or to complete it in a reasonable time?

    I managed to nab the gold edition from for $96.99, using a $10 off points voucher. With all the dlc and Far Cry 3 included I won't need anything new for a while.

    New GMG accounts can get it for around $65 (that was via Paypal) with a referral link or the NEW20 coupon code

    is the PC physical copy a steam or uplay key please?

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