The Internet Reacts To Nintendo's E3 Conference

Image: Twitter

For those of you who got up at 2am, you were given a treat, that's for sure.

While the rest of the country wakes up, totally unaware fo what went down at Nintendo Direct - Ninty's main E3 conference - here's what those on Twitter thought.

It might be the delirium speaking, but out of context, this is almost art.


    I'm not one for watching a lot of reaction videos but I do make an exception for some compilation videos of people losing their minds over E3 announcements, I'm sure someone is working on a every smash character ever announcement and a ridley announcement compilation now.

      My reaction face: “Whatever.”

      I should do vids for those people that appreciate realistic reactions of ‘ok’ or ‘meh’ or the occasional weepy eyed nostalgia fueled response. Y’know the face, the other with the single tear that gathers and trickles down.

    Was hoping for some Metroid news, especailly when I don't play Smash Bros. Oh well, I guess my Switch will continue gathering dust for now.

      "Ridley in Smash Bros" is *technically* Metroid news ;)

      Gathering dust!? There's so many good games to play!

        Maybe if you hadn't already played them on Wii U or other platforms.

    I keep waiting for that must have game to push me over the edge to get a Switch - ah well not this E3 :/

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