The Nintendo eShop Is Stacked With Great Deals Right Now

The Nintendo eShop Is Stacked With Great Deals Right Now
Image: Kotaku

It’s not exactly a fire sale, but there are some sweet bargains to be had at the moment on Nintendo’s eShop. So, if the weekend’s looking grim on the gaming front, check out the discounts and turn that frown upside down… or at least reorientate it in a more skywards direction.

To save you having to dig through the deals yourself, Daniel Vuckovic over at Vooks has all the discounts listed, including recent additions to the eShop.

Here are a few of the better offers available:

  • The Escapists 2 — $18.00 (from $30.00)
  • Framed Collection — $9.00 (from $15.00)
  • Resident Evil Revelations — $14.97 (from $24.95)
  • Resident Evil: Revelations 2 — $18.57 (from $30.95)
  • Super Meat Boy — $11.70 (from $19.50)

That’s just a small sample. Like, sub-atomic. Higgs-boson-esque even. Be sure to hit up Vooks for the full list.

Nintendo Download Updates (23/7 – 29/7) I can’t believe its not Summer Sale [Vooks]


  • A few co-op recommendations from the sale:

    – Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a fantastic local co-op game, up to 4 players.
    – Nine Parchments is apparently quite good when you can get 4 players going in local co-op.
    – REvelations 2 makes a decent effort for local splitscreen in the campaign, and the raid mode is consistently enjoyable.
    – Putty Pals does 2 player platforming quite well.
    – Rayman Legends is a bit of nice, even if the price isn’t great.

    Hammerwatch is a very guilty pleasure if you’re keen for an indie Gauntlet-alike.

    • +1 for Revelations 2 Raid Mode – I picked up Revelations 2 on Switch, and Raid Mode is a constant go-to. Can just sit down, play a single mission, or go on a bender. Love being able to just enjoy RE gunplay on a whim. The loot/upgrade/leveling aspect makes it super enjoyable.

  • Meanwhile the 3DS eShop discounts aren’t doing that great, they’re like ordinary Big W prices

      • I haven’t busted it out yet, but I knew when I saw the U.S. price drop I had to get it. Super pumped! ^^

          • Just booted it up for my first run through. I’m in love. Will have to get my roommate in on this. 🙂

    • Really enjoyed Adventure Pals, simple straightforward silly fun. Was almost tempted to rebuy it on Xbox about a third of the way thru the Switch version because I could see myself 100%ing it and wanted the Achievement record for future posterity

      • Ya, I love the art style and music. I can see my nephew playing this with me, or my daughter when she’s a bit older. 🙂

  • My Pithy ‘How many of those are first party?’ held true for Switch (None at all) however was surprised at all the 3DS ones on sale being first party. I’m surprised that Majora’s Mask isn’t part of the cheaper base price range still.

    • Nintendo doesn’t often have first party sales, but give them credit for having a few on the Switch during E3, which wasn’t that long ago.

  • Contemplating getting Jotun. Looks pretty and interesting. Just not sure if I’d enjoy it.

    One thing I don’t like about the store is that once a game is purchased, you can’t see the price any more. Like it’s intentionally hiding the price. And i can’t tell people to get a game at some price becuase I don’t know how it’s changed compared to the price I paid.

  • Interesting. I never knew there was a new Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing game. Reviews seem to be pretty bad though. Anyone here played it?

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