Here’s Your Favourite Australian Game Of 2018

Here’s Your Favourite Australian Game Of 2018

It’s time to reveal the final results of the trifecta: your favourite Australian game of 2018.

Thank you to everyone who voted in our previous polls, the results of which you can see below.

Here's Your Favourite Game Of 2018

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Unlike the previous two, however, voting was much closer on the your favourite Aussie game of 2018. There was one percent difference between first and second place, with third within reaching distance.

Before we get to the top three, however…

Here’s Your Favourite Australian Game Of 2018

Honourable mentions: City of Brass, Florence, The Gardens Between, The Adventure Pals, Night in the Woods

A few games came up this year that got re-releases on the Switch, which is why Night in the Woods (among others) were on the poll this year. But there was also a strong showing for Florence, the gorgeous mobile tale of love and loss, as well as the action-adventure City of Brass.

For the record, fourth and fifth place went to Florence and The Adventure Pals respectively.

Now, for the bronze medal. Your third favourite Aussie game of 2018 was…

Here’s Your Favourite Australian Game Of 2018

Hollow Knight

video games

Team Cherry’s punishing platformer got a second lease of life on the Switch in 2018, finding new audiences and shattering hearts all over again. It’s one of the best games released in years, not just out of Australia, and the Switch conversion was absolutely spot on.

There was a noticeable gap between Hollow Knight and second place, which is surprising because your runner up for favourite Aussie game of the year just squeezed into 2018.

In second place…

Here’s Your Favourite Australian Game Of 2018


Here’s Your Favourite Australian Game Of 2018

Australia has a habit of claiming the best parts of New Zealand as its own, but it would have been remiss not to include Ashen in the voting given how accomplished it was.

Ashen is the Souls game with a mood that’s a little lighter than its sullen, foggy exterior. It’s not as punishing as other games in the genre, but it’s a wonderful creation and an outstanding highlight for New Zealand game development.

Seriously: get on the Epic Store and play Ashen. It’s bloody good.

And it was almost your favourite Australian game of the year.

But your pick for the best Aussie game of 2018 was…

Here’s Your Favourite Australian Game Of 2018

Paperville Panic

Here’s Your Favourite Australian Game Of 2018

A locally-developed VR game, Paperville Panic is all about being a firefighter in a small town. It’s a light hearted action adventure, one that first went into early access in late 2017 before getting a full release in September last year.

I don’t have a VR setup in home or the office (you need a for Vive, Rift or mixed reality headset), so Paperville Panic is one of those games from 2018 that I simply didn’t get to. But those who played it obviously enjoyed it.

So that’s your pick of the Aussie games of 2018.

What Aussie (or Kiwi!) games did you play last year, and what ones are you still hoping to get around to?


  • Hollow Knight is the only Australian game I’ve played in the last year but i’m super happy with it. Still yet to finish it mind you, got stuck on a boss and had to give it a break for mental health reasons.

    I want to get Night in the Woods though, and Adventure Pals looks like fun, simple co-op.

  • Only played Hollow Knight this year. Didn’t realise Night in the Woods was Aussie. Had that in my radar as a switch game.

    • Had a quick search online, I think NiTW was ported to Mobile/Switch by an Aussie dev but isn’t specifically Aussie developed. Still an amazing game, I’d highly recommend it and it’s amazing on switch.

  • Finished Ashen two days ago. Loved it. I can’t play Dark souls as it makes me ill, so having a souls like game I can play was amazing. Being able to Co-op was awesome.
    Some of my favourite things was watching the village grow and change. The music in the village also changed as you would move around to different characters. Characters and landscapes were interesting. You could see hope coming back and it felt like you really made a difference.

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