All The Australian Times For Not-E3 2020

All The Australian Times For Not-E3 2020
Image: Microsoft

E3’s a lot more complicated this year. Sure, the event we know as E3 2020 was officially cancelled, but all the announcement and showcases you know and love haven’t been. Sort of. Here’s all the local dates and times to mark in your calendar.

This post has been updated since its original publication, most recently to include the Australian date and time for Xbox’s July showing.

Devolver Digital Direct – July 12 at 5:00am AEST

Devolver Digital will host their annual games showcase mid-July. It promises to be just as crazy as usual with Devolver planning on unveiling a slate of new games in their usual balls-to-the-wall style. You’ll be able to catch this showcase on Devolver’s Twitch channel or stay up to date via their Twitter page.

Ubisoft, Move Forward – July 13 at 5:00am AEST / 7:00am NZST

Rather than sticking to the E3 timeframe from prior years, Ubisoft’s replacement event will take place in July. The publisher is still calling it an “E3-style showcase” though, and says it’ll include reveals of new games. In addition to finding out more about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla we will hopefully get a release date for Watch Dogs Legion. It was originally set to arrive in March but Ubisoft delayed it until sometime before April 2021.

Microsoft, Xbox 20/20 – July 24, 2:00am AEST / 4:00am NZST

Finally, Microsoft’s real gameplay showcase is coming. After skipping June entirely and the whole E3 window, Xbox has announced that they will provided “a proper look into the first-party titles that Xbox” is developing for Xbox Series X.

A lengthy showing Halo: Infinite is expected, but there should also be more from Microsoft’s first-party studios. Expect more on Hellblade 2Microsoft Flight Simulator, the work coming out of Obsidian Entertainment, a new Forza MotorsportPsychonauts 2, the Battletoads remake (or reimagining?), Rare’s Everwild and whatever’s happening with Relic’s Age of Empires 4.

DC Fandome – August 23, 3:00am AEST

While not strictly a gaming event, DC Fandome promises to be a replacement E3 showcase exploring everything DC comics, films, TV shows, games and more. It’s likely we’ll hear more about the rumoured Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights games here, but very little has actually been confirmed about the event. Stay tuned for more info.

Past Events

IGN’s Summer of Gaming – Starting June 11

This event featured new game announcements, interviews and gameplay from publishers and developers like 2K Games, Square Enix, EA, Devolver Digital and more. A bunch of showcases planned across a two week period highlighted the best new and upcoming games as well as a bunch of surprises.

Freeplay – June 10 through 14

An Australian festival, 2020 will mark Freeplay’s 16th year of highlighting indies, alternative and experimental video games. The five-day festival was held exclusively online this year, with the keynote being delivered by Bahiyya Khan, creator of the FMV game HOURS.

The Escapist Indie Showcase – June 12

A collaboration between GOG and The Escapist website, the indie showcase featured over 70 indie titles in total. It was followed up by two days of interviews and discussion.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Showcase – June 12

After initially cancelling the livestream, Sony rescheduled their show. It showcased a range of brand new and upcoming PS4 and PS5 titles including new entries for the Ratchet & Clank and Spider-Man franchise.

You can catch up with the exciting livestream above.

Guerrilla Collective – June 14-16

Guerrilla Collective was a multi-day showcase focused on indie and mid-sized studios hosted by Kinda Funny co-founder Greg Miller. It was originally due to run across June 6 to 8, but the Black Lives Matter protests convinced organisers to push the event back a week.

Some of the studios the showcased games included 11 Bit Studios, makers of Frostpunk, Larian Studios, makers of Baldur’s Gate III, and Versus Evil, the people behind The Banner Saga and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

PC Gaming Show – June 14

This year’s PC Gaming Show was once again hosted by former StarCraft pro Sean “Day9″ Plott and esports broadcaster Frankie Ward. Big, unexpected announcements are rare, but the PC Gaming Show can be perfect for hearing fascinating insights about passion projects from the developers themselves.

The show was originally scheduled for June 7 Australian time, but was then pushed back to June 14 as a result of the ongoing riots in the United States.

Future Games Show – June 14

The Future Games Show was another event postponed as a result of the turmoil in the United States. Running Sunday morning Australian time, the showcase featured “a mixture of exclusives, deep dives and developer interviews”, featuring console, mobile and “streaming games of 2020”.

Steam Game Festival – June 16 through 22

The Steam Game Festival showcased a bunch of upcoming indie games and demos.

EA, Play Live 2020 – June 18

Traditional EA Play events let members of the public play demos and mingle with influencers, but this year’s showing was obviously online. It showcased the new Star Wars: Squadrons game and Apex Legends on Switch.

Day of the Devs – June 23

The Game Awards and iam8bit partnered with Double Fine on a digital Day of the Devs event showcasing indie games and “larger scale projects.” The first leg of it was in late June, followed by another on July 21. Both feature the likes of studios such as The Behemoth, Sabotage Studio, Team17, thatgamecompany, and Tribute Games and include gameplay previews and new indie game debuts.

Sega, New Game+ Expo – June 24

Sega joined with Koei Tecmo, Nis America, and a bunch of other publishers from Japan and North America to share new game announcements, interviews, and gameplay demos in a digital showcase it’s galling New Game+ Expo.

CD Projekt Red, Night City Wire – June 25

The makers of Cyberpunk 2077, originally supposed to come out in April, announced a livestream all about the now-upcoming game. We got glimpses of Night City, more information about gameplay and other great reveals.


Other publishers like Square Enix and Warner Bros. haven’t confirmed any individual digital replacement events yet (but may be involved in IGN’s Summer of Gaming and Summer Game Fest respectively), while Bethesda previously stated it would not be holding a digital showcase in June.


  • Can’t wait for the E3 tweet-storms to explode, consume the Internet, then die… all in the time before I get home from work, resulting in me being figuratively years out of the loop and puzzled by the only remains: the six-degrees-separated reference memes that will have sprung up in the charred remains.

  • 2am again for Nintendo. Guess I’ll get up a little earlier than normal, wake my son and watch together. He’s only 6 but we both enjoy watching these in the morning after they air.

    • I don’t see the point of stay up for there thing. Like, all they do now is pre-recorded vid. Better off just sleeping.

      • Yeah, I wasn’t clear. We’ll get up a bit earlier than normal and watch it before the day starts. No way I’m getting up to watch it live.

        • lol, mean neither. I will just stay up in the end anyway. I have, for the past 3 or so years, watched all the E3 stuff live. It fucks my sleeping up to no end, but being unemployed means I can, so until I get a job, why not? lol

  • Looking forward to Bethesda.

    Will Todd and Pete show their faces after the Fallout 76 debacle?

    Will they rush out Starfield or ESVI to gain some positive publicity?

    The possibilities are limitless!

  • I won’t be watching the Nintendo Direct at 2am during this year’s E3 but I will watch the replay for the Nintendo Direct.
    I hope Banjo and Kazooie get announced as our second DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because I think it’s time that British developer Rare brings Banjo and Kazooie back home to Nintendo and with Crash Team Racing coming out on June 21.
    I hope Activision make this announcement at this year’s E3 and bring Spyro Reignited Trilogy to the Nintendo Switch this year.
    That’s what I want to see I also want to see Atlus bring us the original Persona 5 on to the Nintendo Switch.
    Once we get all those E3 announcements this year I’ll get back to you ASAP.

    • I think its the fact Sony and some others have pulled out. And the general shittiness of the games industry as a whole this year and last.

      Im only really going to watch xbox and Ubisoft. EA will be 75% Sports games so its not even worth watching.

        • Am i crazy or does it feel like this generation has been shorter than the 360/PS3 generation?

          It doesnt feel like we have had this current generation of consoles that long.

          • 2013 to 2020 is a pretty standard time frame, if you ignore that the PS4 Pro / Xbox One X didn’t totally supplant the base consoles

    • Haha, I thought I’d had a turn reading comments that didn’t match with what I read in the article. It wasn’t until Banjo Kazooie for Smash got mentioned that I clued on.

    • Yeah, @alexwalker mentioned once before that because of the way their CMS works it’s better to update old articles than create new ones for certain topics. I forget exactly the reasoning behind it.

      • Sort of. Let me explain.

        It’s better (like, so significantly better that you would be professionally insane not to do it) to re-use the URLs from older articles because of Google. That’s where things stand right now, anyway.

        Our CMS doesn’t give us the functionality to set comments fresh, so when we do re-use an old URL, it brings all the comments over with it. I could delete them manually so the post looks fresh, but that’d also flag the accounts because comments were removed. And you’d see that all the comments were deleted, so it’d just look messy on site.

        Also, as you might have seen on Giz, we’re going through a redesign ATM. That’s not affecting how comments work currently, but it means small edge cases like this just aren’t a priority while bigger fish (like making sure images display correctly) are all sorted.

        I’d actually love to stream writing stories one day just so you can see how wild it all is. That’ll probably never happen, certainly not before we swap out our old HTML editor (yes we still have to use HTML, yes it makes us all want to die) to a visual one. It’d be neat, though.

        • Yeah the redesign of giz is pretty awful as far as the search function goes, it seems it goes old to new rather than new to old.

          • My feedback is meant to be constructive so hopefully it comes across that way

            – The format Engadget uses (i’m unsure if you’ve visited it before) seems similar to what has been attempted here – there’s some hot or interesting posts up the top, followed by the rest. Maybe you could separate it with some headers (Popular Now for the top posts followed by the latest for the rest).

            – There’s a bit of image overload between the side panel, and main panel. It reminds me of some of those websites that have the “You won’t BELIEVE how they’ve done this!” articles on it. Maybe some greater separation between the side panels and the main panel would help.

            – Larger post times (“2 Hours Ago”) would draw attention to how new the article is – I feel it’s a bit small at the moment.

            – The pictures not being the same size on all of the articles is a bit jarring – i’m not sure how it could be improved other than making them all the same size but i’m not sure if that’s what you’re going for.


          • the fact there is multiple scroll items (left and right) with the left being a never ending loop of the same “latest deals” is a bit of a “oof”, but as those are probably ads, this collection of websites have always had an odd integration of ads.
            As gimmack leaded to the popular posts is a bit of a mish mash with the rest of the design, with the rest of the design being good.

          • The deals column is all stories we write internally, so we swap and change that around as necessary. I’d like to do that especially for big events/conventions/launches, but it’s going to be a little bit before we get around to adding any functionality there just because of all the bugs and backend things that have to be sorted first.

        • The URL of the page reads “/2020/06/…” (and last month’s repost reads “/2020/05/…”). So it is clearly a different URL to the 2019 story.

          If you want to take advantage of the 2019 URL’s google juice, might it be better to convert it into a redirect to the new story?

          • Gets updated if it is updated or published into a new month / year, but it’s still linked to the old one. It’s a bit tricky, but what you’ve suggested is one of the things being changed.

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