Here’s Tom Holland As Uncharted’s Nathan Drake

Here’s Tom Holland As Uncharted’s Nathan Drake

Wow, those PS5 render graphics are amazing… oh, wait, that’s a movie still? Not content with being Spider-Man, Tom Holland’s going Uncharted, and he’s just shared the first look at his take on series hero Nathan Drake.

It’s not a trailer, or even a teaser trailer, but Tom Holland has finally suited up as Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, sharing a no-doubt-studio-approved shot from the Uncharted movie on his Instagram feed:


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It’s nice to meet you, I’m Nate. #uncharted

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Tom Holland’s been attached to the Uncharted Movie for a long, long time now thanks to that flick being in development hell for basically forever now. Naturally he’s been rather busy swinging around film sets more as Spider-Man  in the meantime, and the uncertain nature of Hollywood productions, especially now hasn’t been kind to this film’s plans.

At one point it was on track for a release on 20 December 2020, although it’s now set for release in July 2021, thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. Like every other big-budget Hollywood film right now, I wouldn’t count that timing as carved in stone in any way.

What all of that really means that while the Uncharted Movie has had a long, slow burn towards being shot, it’s going to have an even longer and slower burn in terms of studio hype before we can actually see it.

Look, we all know the clichés around game movies by now, right? Uncharted feels like a different kind of movie game adaptation, however, because nobody even remotely sane is going to pretend that the entire Uncharted game premise wasn’t just Indiana Jones with the serial numbers filed off. Taking back to the cinema feels like a bold step, but is it one that gamers or cinema-goers are really hanging out for?

I guess we’ll always have that Nathan Fillion version, right?


  • Tom Holland finally gets an origin story!

    I’ll try to be optimistic about this casting choice but initial thoughts are that he doesn’t suit the role. Costume looks spot on though.

      • We also saw young / teenage Nathan Drake at points in Uncharted 3 and 4. I’m fine with Tom Holland. In the unlikely event that they don’t fuck this up completely, he’s young enough to be able to carry a franchise for many years to come.

    • Don’t agree.

      The real problem with loveable rogues is it’s incredible dependant on the actor.

      Which is why Nathan Fillion was the only man for the role.

      • I’m ok if they are doing a young Drake but god damn did they miss out on a perfect casting in Fillion.

        The way I was hoping things would play out is the big budget film would put ol Nathan through a workout schedule and then Whedon could stop being a holdout and make another Firefly season lol

        • Nathan Fillion in his Firefly days, maybe, but that was nearly 20 years ago. Now he’s pushing 50 – he’d be better suited to playing Sully than Drake at this point.

          • That fan fiction clip was done only 2 years ago, so I think he will be fine for a older generation Drake.

            But I hear this movie with Tom in it will be a young drake based.. or something. A movie for the teens I guess.

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