Cop Over $180 Off This ASUS Gaming Headset Today

Cop Over $180 Off This ASUS Gaming Headset Today
Image: ASUS
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There’s never been a more important time to own a proper decent gaming headset. Why? I’m so glad you asked. See, now that we’re all collectively staying home more than we ever have before, it’s absolutely integral you don’t subject your poor family or housemates to the near incessant sounds of you once again getting schooled in FIFA by a 12-year-old on the other side of the world.

Nobody wants to hear that! Lucky the hot ASUS ROG Theta 7.1 USB-C Gaming Headset is on sale right now. And I’m not talking lil baby sale, I’m talking huge slash-off sale — these bad boys have dropped from $549 to a red hot $361.65. You don’t need to be a geologist to understand that’s a sick deal.

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asus headset
ASUS ROG Theta 7.1 USB-C Gaming Headsets, $361.65, save $187.35

So what’s under the hood? An impressive 7.1 Surround sound setup with eight ASUS Essence drivers and virtual subwoofers — leading to one of the silkiest listening experiences for your Dumbos money can buy. You want immersive audio and powerful bass to take your gaming to the next level, look no further.

Crystal clear In-game communication is a breeze with the noise-cancelling microphone. While four ESS 9601 headphone drivers and exclusively customized ROG home-theatre-grade 7.1 DAC give this headset outstanding lossless audio.

And with a USB-C connector, these baddies are compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and other smart devices — so you could, if you wanted to, pretty much wear them all day. Your ears wouldn’t even mind, thanks to the ROG Hybrid Ear Cushions with eyewear-friendly design and special fast-cooling fabric providing a super smooth wearing experience.

So you can spend less time worrying about your ears, and more time working on your wing play. Speaking of, oh look, Luka_2010 is online — so hurry up and pick up a pair and show that little cocky Swede who’s boss.

Spoiler alert: you lose again.

You can grab the ASUS ROG Theta 7.1 gaming headset here.

Other gaming headset deals

If the ASUS ROG Theta is still a bit out of your price range, or you’d prefer something with a traditional audio jack connection instead of USB-C, there are few other headset and headphones deals to be had.

These deals include:


  • Worth mentioning that the (far superior looking) HD599 black set are currently $150 when ordered from Amazon UK.

    The DT770 80ohm is a steal for $170 (A-UK again).

    I’d point people to the TYGR 300 R over the DT990’s wherever possible (same driver and sound without the intense treble).

    Those EPOS headphones are trash imo. PC37X and the new PC38X are the way to go.

    Corsair Virtuoso is one of the most uncomfortable headsets ever made.

    Cloud Orbit and Mobius felt identical to me (which they should, as they are identical housings, pads and drivers). However I’d buy the new Penrose wireless model instead.

    Overall pretty average prime deals tbh. Apart from the HD599 in black for $150. The last thing I need is another set of headphones – but unfortunately my brain isn’t in charge of these decisions.

    • I got a bottle of Ichiro Japanese whisky from there for 250, about 150 less than normal. All arrived very safely. And I know it’s not tech, but they handled that pretty well.

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