6 Indie Games On PS5 That Hit The Spot

6 Indie Games On PS5 That Hit The Spot

Do you have a PlayStation 5? Are you looking for games outside of the AAAs? Don’t worry folks, as in the words of All-Might…

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I love the indies, baby. I froth at the mouth whenever a new one pops up out of the woodworks. Of course, there are plenty of AAA games that are fantastic, no doubt about that. However, sometimes the big games aren’t hitting that sweet spot, y’know? I mean, we all know that the ‘G’ in ‘G-spot’ stands for ‘Games’.

In saying that, I’m always on the hunt for some good indies, be they large scale or small. The definition of ‘indie game’ nowadays is fairly loose, with games being self-published by developers considered ‘indie’ as well as games made by small teams but still having a publisher also being considered ‘indie’. With the term being as loose as it is now, I will be using it loosely.

So in a loose fashion, I’ve got a list of indie games right here. These indie games are all available to play on the PlayStation 5. They are all games that I think you should give a try, depending on what you fancy. So here we go!

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

kena bridge of spirits playstation 5
Image: Ember Labs

This is a recent one for me despite it being out for a while. Made by the folks responsible for that iconic Majora’s Mask short filmKena: Bridge of Spirits is an action-adventure delight. If you’re a fan of the Zelda games and the Horizon series, you’ll enjoy this one.

Also, this game falls into my self-made genre of Little Guy Games (not to be mistaken with Daddy Simulators like Bioshock 2 and God of War), which is a big tick. Going into photo mode to capture the Rot just chilling is a great alternative to therapy.

Nobody Saves The World

nobody saves the world
Image: Drinkbox Studios

Nobody Saves The World is so goofy and out of this world that when I played it, I thought it was made for me. It’s a zany dungeon crawler made by the creators of Guacamelee!, Drinkbox Studios, that allows you, a Nobody (flop) to take the powers of a local wizard (slay) and turn into a myriad of different classes and creatures. Like a RAT!

The game also allows for multiplayer, making it a fun time with friends or enemies that you would like to turn into friends.

Death’s Door

death's door
Image: Acid Nerve

I honestly don’t know what to say about Death’s Door other than this: Play it right now.

Death’s Door is an aesthetically-adorable Souls-like game that feels as if Zelda and Dark Souls laid an egg, the egg hatched, and a crow with a sword came out. Developed by Acid Nerve, it’s a rewarding challenge of a game with great music, and it is yet another title that falls into the Little Guy Games category. Unlike Kena, the little guys in the game do nothing but follow you around, but it counts. Also, it looks gorgeous on the PlayStation 5.

Wife Quest

wife quest playstation 5
Image: Pippin Games

Wife Quest is so stupid. I mean this in a good way, of course. The game is a side-scrolling Metroidvania developed by Pippin Games where you play a strong and powerful wife whose husband won’t stop getting captured by various hot monster girls.

Think Super Princess Peach but sillier and lewder.

One Hand Clapping

one hand clapping playstation 5
Image: HandyGames

A game that started as a university project, One Hand Clapping is a great bit of fun if you’re looking to sing your heart out. Developed by Bad Dream Games, the ‘vocal 2D platformer’ makes you sing into either your headset microphone or the microphone in your PlayStation controller to get through the game.

If you’re looking for something a little different and you live with family or friends that aren’t easily irritated by your voice, I highly recommend giving this one a go.

Heavenly Bodies

heavenly bodies indie
Image: 2pt Interactive

You know I love a good Australian-made game. Heavenly Bodies is a wacky physics-based puzzle game that puts you in control of cosmonauts in a space station. You must use the entire controller to move your spaceman around, which can be incredibly infuriating when you mess up and highly rewarding when you get it right.

The co-op mode is also a treat, as a game where you’re constantly deep in focus can become a few rounds of silly buggers very quickly.

Honourable mentions include Hades (which we’ve already told you to play a million times), Martha Is Dead (if you can stomach it), and Twelve Minutes (if you don’t mind a bit of a jarring twist at the end).

Of course, there are plenty of great indie titles on the PlayStation 5, but these are just a few greats to get onto!

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