Ruby Recommends: Shesez Uncovers Animal Crossing’s Regional Differences

Ruby Recommends: Shesez Uncovers Animal Crossing’s Regional Differences
Image: Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia

Hello again gamers, goblins, and ghouls. I’m back again this week to give you another Ruby Recommends!

As you know, I’m an absolute fiend for a good deep dive, investigation, rabbit hole or goofy video. YouTube is the perfect environment for that, allowing the average smart fella (or fart smella) to whip up a video essay, gameplay video or descent into madness around a specific niche.

While we here at Kotaku Australia have hopes to do something of our own on the video-sharing website at some point, I thought in the meantime it would be neat to sit down once a week and share a gaming-adjacent video from YouTube and discuss a little about why I like it.

This week, we’re looking at Shesez’ latest video on Animal Crossing, and how certain Japanese games can change when localised and prepared for launch in the Western market.

I can see why they changed Chip in Animal Crossing

Shesez is a YouTuber that’s been mentioned on Kotaku Australia quite a number of times now. His Boundary Break series has been running since 2016, and is probably one of the coolest YouTube video games series going. In said series, he literally breaks out of the boundaries of a game’s camera/character view to see what’s going on beyond. It rocks.

Another series that he started last year on his channel is Region Break. It contains some similarities to Boundary Break, as Shesez continues to explore games beyond the in-game camera. However, the main idea of the series is to compare games and their overseas localisations and look at what was changed in the latter to suit the region.

Shesez’ most recent video on Animal Crossing is one of his longest. In it, he looks at the many, many, many changes made to the Japanese version of the original Animal Crossing on GameCube ahead of its release in the West. It’s a banger of a video and features a lot of stuff that I had absolutely no clue about.

If there’s anything better than learning about something new, it’s learning a whole lot about something you’re already familiar with that you had never heard before. Check it out!

This weekly post is also an opportunity for creators to feature their work. If you’re in the business of making YouTube videos diving into niche gaming content, investigating lost game media, or just doing any cool shit with games, OR you have a favourite creator that you’d like us to spotlight, let us know!


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