Will Nintendo Still Hold Its June Direct Broadcast This Year?

Will Nintendo Still Hold Its June Direct Broadcast This Year?
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Every day I wake up and Nintendo still hasn’t announced a new Direct for June.

With what would have been E3 Season formally beginning with the Summer Game Fest showcase tomorrow, there’s one name that is still notably missing from the still-growing press conference lineup. Nintendo has not, at the time of writing, announced details around its usual June Direct broadcast.

With proceedings ready to get underway and timeslots filling up, Nintendo has left it very late to announce a Direct in June, if it plans to hold one at all.

Ok, but does Nintendo plan to hold an E3 Direct at all?

Hard to say, only Nintendo itself can conclusively answer that, but my assumption is that yes, it will have something to show. Whether that happens within the current cluster of live streams or later in the month remains to be seen. Though the expectation would be that Nintendo would want to trade on

The thing to understand is that Nintendo prefers to leave Direct announcements until the last possible minute. Why it does this probably has to do with hype more than anything else – the two days of white-hot social media hype reliably drives traffic to the livestream. It also, historically, times its showcase for later in the E3 week, on a Wednesday or Thursday Australian time. All of this to say, if Nintendo was to announce a Direct for next week, it would be most likely to do so either over the long weekend or early next week.

If you’re not sure when or where to catch all the showcases replacing the usual E3 storm, make sure you check our Livestream guide for all the local times.

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