New Nintendo Indie World Broadcast Starts Early Wednesday Morning

New Nintendo Indie World Broadcast Starts Early Wednesday Morning

The latest Nintendo Indie World showcase is coming very soon. Like, tonight.

Indie World is an offshoot of the Nintendo Direct format that specifically spotlights indie titles that are bound for the Nintendo Switch system. What’s actually going to be in the next IW stream is anyone’s guess, but we do have a little information on what viewers can expect. For a start, the show will run for around 20 minutes and will feature a mix of new announcements and updates on games. Indie World usually features its fair share of ports from PC and other platforms. The last time IW showed up, Switch owners got their first look at Bigmode’s hotly anticipated Animal Well. Time will tell if Nintendo has any other indie surprises up its sleeve.

To temper expectations: No, this is not a full Nintendo Direct broadcast. We’re going to be talking about smaller games, not big Nintendo blockbusters. There’ll be no surprise Mario or Zelda announcements here (unless Nintendo wants to squeeze in an Amiibo ad or something).

When to see the Nintendo Indie World in Australian times

The next IW broadcast will begin on Wednesday, 15 November. You’ll be able to follow the whole show from Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. Below, you’ll find kick-off times for the show in your neck of the woods. Once the show wraps up, it will become a VOD on the Nintendo YouTube channel.


4:00 AM AEDT


3:30 AM ACDT


3:00 AM AEST


2:30 AM ACST


1:00 AM AWST


6:00 AM NZDT

Image: Bigmode


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