Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Will Get A Full Reveal In Mid-2024 According To New Teaser

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Will Get A Full Reveal In Mid-2024 According To New Teaser

Five years after first teasing Dragon Age: Dreadwolf at The 2018 Game Awards, EA and BioWare have released a new teaser trailer which promises there’s much more to come in 2024.

Released in celebration of this year’s Dragon Age day, the new 50-second Dragon Age: Dreadwolf teaser showcases a map of Thedas amongst shots of iconic locations, before the end of the video promises a “full reveal” in mid-2024. It’s not a lot to go off after years of teases, leaks, periods of radio silence, and layoffs of key Dragon Age employees (including writers), but fans of the game are likely to be keen for the crumb of new info offered nonetheless. You can view the teaser below:

Some of the locations the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf trailer visits include Rivain, Antiva, and Anderfels alongside voiceovers from characters players might meet once the game eventually launches. The game’s title is a reference to Dragon Age Inquisition character Solas, although we don’t seem to get a glimpse of or hear the titular Dreadwolf in this teaser (unless his voice has changed drastically, which is unlikely).

An accompanying blog post in celebration of this year’s Dragon Age day describes Dragon Age: Dreadwolf as “the product of hard work and love,” with Game Director Corinne Busche saying the team is keen to “get it right, so we’ve taken our time.” The blog post also provides more details about some of the locations the game will visit in Thedas, saying “We stand on the precipice of change. This is a world brimming with stories and characters waiting to meet you.”

“The fate of this world teeters on the edge of a knife. In past games, you only got to see a slice of the world,” the post continues. “This time, however, much more of Thedas is yours to see…We felt this was best for the tale we wanted to tell this time and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have! It’s allowed us to create many more locations than past games, including both some you’ve longed to go to…and some you’ve never heard of before!”

The Dragon Age: Dreadwolf trailer itself mentions summer 2024 for the full reveal, which for Aussies and our other Southern Hemisphere friends translates to our winter, so we can expect to see more any time from around June through to August – which does leave the potential for a Summer Games Fest 2024 (aka gamer Christmas) reveal in June as a possibility. 

Whether the promised full reveal includes gameplay, a cinematic, or a release date is anyone’s guess, but at the very least Dragon Age: Dreadwolf fans have a light at the end of the tunnel for more concrete information in some form.

Lead Image Credit: BioWare / EA

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