Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Suggests A Hardware Reveal Is Coming Next Month

Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Suggests A Hardware Reveal Is Coming Next Month

Switch 2 leaks and rumours are becoming a dime a dozen as fans await concrete news about the rumoured Nintendo Switch successor. While Nintendo is keeping mum about it for now, a new leak claims the Switch 2 will have ‘enhanced’ backwards compatibility due to increased processing power. The report also suggests that a hardware reveal is coming as soon as next month.

The leak comes from Portuguese website Universo Nintendo, which has previously sourced correct information about unannounced Nintendo Directs as well as the title of Sonic x Shadow Generations. The website claims that the Switch 2 will be backwards compatible with both physical and digital Switch games. The really interesting part of this rumour is the suggestion that original Nintendo Switch games could also be “enhanced” by developers due to the handheld console’s extra processing power. 

Universo Nintendo also claims that fans will get a Nintendo Direct next week, a Pokémon presentation later this month, and a hardware reveal next month. The rumoured Switch 2 reveal next month almost lines up with previous reporting that Nintendo won’t announce any new hardware until the end of the Japanese fiscal year, which falls in March.

The claims that the Switch 2 will have additional processing power comes after major outlet Reuters reported that NVIDIA was creating a new business unit focused on designing bespoke chips, according to nine different sources. One source told the outlet that “Nintendo’s current Switch handheld console already includes Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip. A new version of the Switch console expected this year is likely to include a Nvidia custom design.” 

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo declined to comment on Reuters’ report, so the rumours remain exactly that for now. There’s been plenty of speculation about when exactly the not-very-secret Switch 2 (and its actual name) might be announced by Nintendo. If the leaks are right, it looks like we’re in for some big news come March. Reports from multiple outlets and analysts have previously claimed that a Switch successor could be released as soon as late this year. However, we’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo themselves has to say on the matter as the year continues.

If you’re keen to stay up to date on all the rumours and reports surrounding the Switch 2, we’ve collated everything we know so far in one place here. We’ll be updating that piece regularly as new info drops on the Switch successor. Hopefully, within the next month, we might have some official news on what exactly gamers can expect from a new handheld console.

Image: Nintendo

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