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A week after the tremendously successful release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a game that more than 6.5 million people picked up on the first day, the massive community-driven, stat-tracking element of the game remains unstable at best.


The Call of Duty series has traditionally been about shooting your enemies apart online, but with the strong social features of Call of Duty Elite and Facebook integrated with Modern Warfare 3 the latest game in the series is more about bringing gamers together. And then killing them.


Call of Duty's online social hub (dubbed "Elite") revolves around three main features. "Connect" allows players to network with one another in a number of different ways, and provides a social network for players to communicate. "Compete" lets players set up their own brackets and tournaments, or compete for prizes in Activision-sponsored official events. And "Improve" lets players analyse their performance and better understand maps, weapon loadouts, and their own tendencies.


Badges awarded at Call of Duty XP give an idea of the activities that expo attendees enjoyed over the weekend. Kotaku spent the past two days the inaugural gathering for fans of Activision's combat shooter, where the publisher revealed more details about the premium Call of Duty Elite subscription, we spent time with the game's multiplayer offerings, and everyone gazed at a massive display of firearms. All that and more is here for you now.