ces 2020

  • SanDisk Crammed A Colossal 8 Terabytes Into This Tiny SSD Drive

    Falling somewhere between the extreme portability of a USB flash drive and the capacious affordable storage of a traditional hard drive, portable SSDs provide speed, convenience, and durability, but typically top out at around 2TB of storage at the moment. That’s still a lot of storage, but SanDisk created a prototype external SSD drive that…

  • Alienware Has Basically Made A Switch Clone

    The dream of a portable PC has been floating around for years, even before the Switch became everyone’s portable gaming device. And that dream isn’t dead, with Alienware showing off Concept UFO at CES, a handheld device that’s basically a Switch for your Steam library.

  • AMD’s Toy For CES: 8-Core 7nm CPUs For Laptops

    With the Ryzen 3950X and Threadripper series having just launched, AMD wasn’t likely to show up to CES 2020 with a brand new desktop CPU. Instead, they brought the future of Ryzen mobile, showing off a stack of chips that included a 15 watt, 8 core/16 thread chip with huge gains on the previous Zen…