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Most mechanical keyboard switches have two positions -- off and on. Either the key is activated, or it's not. The switches in the Wooting One keyboard are different. Like the analogue trigger on a gamepad, they detect a range of motion. I wouldn't say it's something every PC gamer needs, but it can definitely change the way they play games on a keyboard.


A good mechanical keyboard can make any computer setup really click, but with so many different layouts, mechanical switch types and extra features to choose from, finding a good starter board can be a daunting tasks. We're here to help.


The space bar of Varmilo's "Chicken Dinner" keyboard is no substitute for actually winning a round of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but it might serve as a reminder of past triumphs, depending on how good you are.


Split mechanical keyboards are a great way to reduce the arm and joint strain often caused by typing on a traditional keyboard. New gaming hardware maker Dygma wants to bring those benefits to the esports scene with the Raise, which they're calling "the world's most advanced gaming keyboard".


Sleek mechanical keyboards that strip away lesser-used keys in favour of a smaller footprint are picking up, but some people just can't do without that number pad. Vortex's new Vibe keyboard is a nice compromise, with some outstanding keycaps on top.


A standard mechanical keyboard switch is about 2cm tall and 1.5cm wide and deep. NovelKeys' "Big Series" switches are four times that size. Why? If I had to guess, I'd say it was for the clicks.


There are a lot of big-name peripheral manufacturers making mechanical keyboards, but a search for the term "mechanical keyboard" on Amazon yields a ton of keyboards from companies you've probably never heard of. Such as Vava, makers of the relatively good $US80 ($100) no-name mechanical I've been typing on for the past week.


Inspired by the old-fashioned typewriter and designed with luxury in mind, the Azio Retro Classic is a mechanical keyboard sporting rounded backlit keycaps, a zinc aluminium alloy frame and a genuine leather base. The nameplate says "Elegantly Fierce." It's not wrong.