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What Are You Playing This Weekend

I know – it’s so 2010 but, as a result of circumstance, I’m pretty sure that this weekend I’ll be spending a whole heap of time playing through God of War III for the second time. But what will you guys be playing?

One of my favourite things about my job is that I get to introduce my friends and family to games they’d otherwise not give a rootin’ toot arse about. My wife is now a Pixel Junk Monsters addict, my sister in-law is obsessed with Critter Crunch, and my brother in-law – who I’m visiting in Canberra this weekend – really loves God of War.

We played through God of War II a couple of years ago, and he just recently splurged on a PS3, so I’m bringing him down my copy of God of War III so we can blast through it together this weekend.

I’m kind of gutted, since I really want to try and finish Dead Space 2, which I’m trudging through for a number of reasons – I only want to play it at night, I don’t want to play it when people are over visiting. It’s the same bloody reason it took me two months to finish Bioshock, and the same reason it took me two years to finish the original Dead Space.

So, that’s my life story. But what are you guys planning on playing this weekend?

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