More Wii U: How Do The Third Party Games Hold Up?

The Wii U hits stores tomorrow, or midnight if you’re heading to one of those, but we’ve been messing about with the console for a fair amount of time. In this video we check out some of the third party releases on the Wii U, including some of the cross platform releases.

It’s interesting — I love the controller, but I almost feel like it’s at the same stage as the DS was when it was first released: no-one really knows how best to utilise the second screen. I’d like developers to just pay attention to the little things — if I pause a game, there should be a cool easy to navigate version of the pause menu on the GamePad — not the exact same thing I can see on my television. I wish more developers would transition it in the same way websites have mobile versions of their sites for phones and tablets. Create an interface that gels with the tablet.

Some games did an interesting job — I liked how FIFA 13 allowed me to switch tactics on the fly. That’s a move that makes complete sense.

Love the technology, I’m just not too stoked with the third party integration yet. But, that said, I can’t wait to see how developers use the GamePad in future titles.

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