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EB Games In NZ Has Fun With Saints Row IV... At Australia's Expense

Even with the R18+ rating in place, Saints Row IV required a few alterations before it was let through by the Classification Board. So, we’ll be getting the game, just not the one the rest of the world will. The NZ arm of EB Games, ever the jokester (?) has found a way to turn this negative into a positive… Just not for Australia.

A NeoGAF user by the handle “Gouda Jouji” received the below EB NZ promotion in his inbox, which makes it extremely clear that New Zealand is getting an uncut version of the game. (Click on the image to expand.)

And just to rub it in, towards the end of the email it takes a shot at its less fortunate neighbour across the Tasman:

Secure your Presidential Edition of Saints Row IV today and receive an UNCUT version of the game, not the cutback watered down anti wub wub Aussie version!

Live it up, New Zealand. Live it up.

EB New Zealand sends e-mail promoting SR4, mocks Aussie censorship [NeoGAF, via Player Attack]

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