GTA V Spreads Holiday Cheer With Mines And Homing Rockets

A new update is bringing Christmas goodies to Los Santos and its surroundings, and yes, those goodies include explosives.

Grand Theft Auto V Shows Other Games How Graffiti Is Done

Grand Theft Auto V‘s Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, so graffiti is a big source of the colour in its concrete jungle. And while it’s easy to think of graffiti as simple window dressing, these things often come from a very real place.

The End Of The World, GTA V Style

It’s the year 2014. Grand Theft Auto V is now on next-gen consoles. So what’s that mean for last-gen? Why, the rapture, of course, if this fan video is to be believed.

Tiny GTA V Tricks You Into Thinking Los Santos Is Cute

“Cute” is not normally a word I’d use to describe Grand Theft Auto…unless it has been miniaturised. Then GTA becomes so adorable you could just eat it up.

Where To Find All Of GTA V's Secret Peyote Plants

Hidden across all of Los Santos are secret drugs that let your GTA V character do wild, funny things. There are 27 of them — and if you want to find them all, you’ve come to the right place.

Grand Theft Auto V Comes Alive At Night

The current-gen versions of GTA V are really something else — and it’s all in the details.

Now This Is How You Make A Custom Console

The Xbox One has been doing OK, but so far any official custom PS4s have been pretty terrible. Trust Rockstar to get it right on both counts.

Behold, GTA V's Amazing Mountain Bike Physics

Watch as one player glides through all of Los Santos… on a Scorcher mountain bike. He just keeps going and going!

Someone Made A Documentary About GTA V's... Ocean

Not only that, but the documentary is actually pretty damn good.

GTA V Stunts Are Even More Intense In First-Person

Aaaaa! His plane just barely avoided smashing nose-first into that — oh no! Swoop under the stoplight! Swoop! OK, phew, but oh god there is a building RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. I think I’m gonna be sick.