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Oni was an action title released in 2001. It was the only game made by the short lived Bungie West studio. In spite of mixed reception, it turns out they were working on a sequel. Thanks to an intrepid archivist, we finally can see what it was like.


Okay, so we don't know for sure that Rockstar is working on a new Red Dead game but... come on! It's going to happen eventually.

What will it be called when it's finally announced? God only knows, but I'm pretty sure that it won't be any of these 47 names I've written down in the last 30 minutes.


GTA Online has changed a lot since 2013, thanks to an ever-growing list of new cars, guns and heists. Along the way, some parts of GTA have become forgotten or even removed. Let's take a look back, shall we?


Video: With Red Dead Redemption finally backwards compatible on the Xbox One, it's time to look back at Rockstar's Western masterpiece. A staggering example of AAA design gone horribly right, Red Dead is one hell of a game. Join me in this video for an adventure full of bounty hunters, sharpshooting and shenanigans!