GTA Cheater Murders Everyone, Blames It On The Innocent

Here is a look at just how ridiculous the cheating situation on GTA Online can become.

GTA V Mod Unlocks 30 Different Special Hidden Areas

There are some areas of GTA V that you were never meant to see or visit. Good thing mods don’t care about rules.

Rockstar Says No One Will Be Banned For Using Singleplayer GTA V Mods

Well, that’s a relief. Mostly. If you were to look at any given GTA forum, you’d think the sky was falling (as opposed to whales falling from the sky, which is actually happening). Rockstar is banning people right and left for using mods, single-player or multiplayer, claim fans. Rockstar, however, says they’re doing nothing of the sort.

Grand Theft Auto V's Confusing Mod Situation

Grand Theft Auto V players claim they’re getting banned on PC right now, but why? Well, it’s complicated.

Looks Like Rockstar Will Ban You From GTA V For Using A FOV Mod

Using mods in multiplayer games is a contentious issue, especially if those mods are completely cosmetic. With the exception of a few games, field-of-view adjustments aren’t going to bring the house down. Unless it’s GTA V, in which case Rockstar might just ban you for two weeks, if you happen take your enhanced peripheral vision online.

Here Is A Fun Thing To Do In GTA V

You can do a lot of fun things in GTA V. This one’s particularly good.

GTA V Secret-Hunters Still At It, Now Believe They Can Go Inside UFOs

The people chasing secrets in Grand Theft Auto think they have made a breakthrough. They have found evidence that suggests that maybe there’s a way to get abducted by aliens in-game… without the help of mods or cheats.

GTA Player Snipes Invisible Cheater, Gets Revenge

Being invisible won’t save this GTA cheater from getting their head shot off. At first, things seem a little hopeless for player Hairy Hole, who is getting terrorised by an invisible player that is murdering anyone who gets in their way. But Hole decides to fight back, and after getting a sense of where the invisible player is, they manage to get an absurdly lucky shot against the cheater. It’s one of the most gratifying snipes I’ve ever seen.

GTA V Is Beautiful When You Just Sit And Watch

Video: Not everyone who has GTA V on PC and is recording it is trying to be funny. The increased draw distance and improved lighting also makes for some very pretty transitions between night and day, as seen in this timelapse video by Tree Plays.

GTA Players Try To Survive The Worst Taxi Drivers Ever

Fun fact: drivers in GTA are kind of awful. Creative players have decided to use GTA’s poor driving AI for amusement, resulting in a special type of mini-game that’s very entertaining to watch.