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Custom-Built GTA V Plow Ends Heavy Traffic

Driving in the opposite lane is no longer a problem. This custom plow might not be the most stunning creation in GTA V, but it’s effective, that’s for sure.

An Alternative GTA 5 Multiplayer Mod Has Been Shut Down

It’s a bit of a shame that this project couldn’t be rolled into Rockstar officially, or that another compromise could be reached. But as of today, the creators behind an alternate way to play GTA 5 online have announced they will be stopping development for good.

The Zombie Game That Gets Halloween Just Right

For such a fun holiday, video games have a lot of trouble doing Halloween justice. Sure there are exceptions — Destiny just did a pretty good job, and Costume Quest is fun — but for the most part it’s a time of year that games struggle to really celebrate. Unless, like right now, we’re talking about Undead Nightmare, the most Halloween video game experience of them all.

Captain Planet Saves The Day In GTA V

Captain Planet was the only 90s edutainment show that had enough charm to fit into the heavy line-up of Saturday-morning cartoons. And we probably all remember its intro.

GTA V Players Find Cool New Bigfoot Secret

The legend of Sasquatch just got hella trippier thanks to an awesome recent discovery made by the GTA community.

Looking Back At How GTA Online Has Changed, Nearly Two Years On

When it was announced, GTA Online felt like the most exciting thing to ever happen to Grand Theft Auto.

Someone Made A Documentary About GTA V's Wildlife, And It's Great

The creatures of GTA V all lead secret lives that we often never get to see while playing. They hunt. They eat. They try to survive.

The Pokémon Anime's Intro In GTA V

God save all the regions of the Pokémon universe with Trevor in it as a trainer.

GTA Player Bails At The Best Possible Moment

Holy shit. This feels like it could have come straight out of The Matrix or something. drekerrr brings us footage of a GTA eject so epic, it could easily be a stunt in a big-budget action movie.

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