Who Wrote Those Winning Tekken 6 Haikus?

All last week we were giving away copies of the Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Edition on Xbox 360. To win, you had to write a Tekken-themed haiku. Let’s find out who wrote the best ones.

And here are the daily winners.

Monday‘s winner is Tomasz, who made this brave admission:

Tekken with my bro;
He sat on the controller.
His ass cheeks beat me.

Tuesday’s winner is James, who pays tribute to his favourite Jackie Chan lookalike:

Play dead on the floor
Snake to crane, crane to panther
Lei, drunken master

Wednesday’s winner is jawbreaker982, for this tragic tale:

Circuits fried. Small fire.
Turns out I can’t build my own.
Really need that stick.

Thursday’s winner is Parabol, who speaks nothing but the truth:

she has chainsaw hands,
jet pack rocket wings and boobs,
no way she can lose.

Friday‘s winner is Lance McDonald, who made me a little sick in my mouth:

Wow, look at those boobs,
Biggest so far in Tekken,
Oh, Bob, I love you.

Congratulations everyone. I’ll be in touch later today to organise delivery of your prize.


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