Who Wrote Those Winning Tekken 6 Haikus?

All last week we were giving away copies of the Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Edition on Xbox 360. To win, you had to write a Tekken-themed haiku. Let's find out who wrote the best ones.

And here are the daily winners.

Monday's winner is Tomasz, who made this brave admission:

Tekken with my bro; He sat on the controller. His ass cheeks beat me.

Tuesday’s winner is James, who pays tribute to his favourite Jackie Chan lookalike:

Play dead on the floor Snake to crane, crane to panther Lei, drunken master

Wednesday’s winner is jawbreaker982, for this tragic tale:

Circuits fried. Small fire. Turns out I can't build my own. Really need that stick.

Thursday’s winner is Parabol, who speaks nothing but the truth:

she has chainsaw hands, jet pack rocket wings and boobs, no way she can lose.

Friday's winner is Lance McDonald, who made me a little sick in my mouth:

Wow, look at those boobs, Biggest so far in Tekken, Oh, Bob, I love you.

Congratulations everyone. I'll be in touch later today to organise delivery of your prize.


    hahaha damn it!
    after i saw Lance's entry i knew that it would the winner.

    Well done everyone! All really good entries. enjoy your prizes when they arrive.

    Well done ppl's!

    Hey David, can we have some competition, where only users whose names start with a Q are allowed to enter??

      and 'C'

        C???? But you've already won a PSP! :D

        Not to worry, I heard Mr Goose is gonna have a comp later this week, in which the prize is his top notch car(bmw perhaps?). He pretty much hinted I'm a shoe in for it....

          Considering I don't own a car, sure!

      YOU GUYS!!

      and D!

    Sadly, i suck at writing haikus. Oh well, apon entering Harvey Normans yesterday i saw the shelf price of Tekken 6 at $120, to which i was horrified.

    However, behind it there was a limited edition version, with a hoodie, concept art book and poster for $30 more, I could do with a new hoodie, concept art book and big ass poster for $30 more :D

    Alas, now i need a HDTV more than ever.

    The loading times are quite horrible, but it seems installing it to the HDD solved that problem for me :D

    Awesome! Looking forward to getting destroyed on line and no longer having the 'no stick' excuse.



    Yeah, I can't wait for my stick! Got a friend who builds his own, and now I can finally face off properly over Live :)

    Very excited about this. I've followed the Tekken franchise from arcade to Playstation and now to Xbox!

    Happy days. Thanks Kotaku!

    WOO! Thanks guys, looking forward to hearing from yall.

      Do I need to give you guys my email address or something, seeings I'm posting from my Facebook account?

        Check your Facebook inbox.

    Cheers David, this is awesome!!!

    And congrats to the rest of you guys; hope to see you all online. This game may have just re-sparked my interest in the 360 :D

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