WIN! Bajo & Junglist's Good Game Book

COV_GoodGameGuide.inddStuck for a Christmas present for your significant gaming other? Or maybe just yourself? Why not try winning one of the twenty copies of Good Game's Gamers Guide to Good Gaming we have here to give away?

Yep, that's right, the Good Game guys have released their own book. Written by Bajo, Junglist and others (I believe it even has my name in there somewhere), it promises to deliver all you need to know to be a gamer in Australia.

There are chapters on: the major game developers who have shaped our medium; the games you should play before you die; videogame history; videogame future!; and tips on improving your gaming experience.

Thanks to HarperCollins and the ABC, we have twenty copies to give away throughout today, tomorrow and Friday. All you need to do to be in the running to win is tell us, in the comments below, who would win a "celebrity deathmatch" between Good Game hosts (past, present and furry yellow monkeys), and why. As usual for a Kotaku competition, the most inspired, creative and witty entries will win.

Only one entry per person. Just leave your entry here at any point between now and 11:59pm Friday. We'll pick the twenty best and send you a book.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed. Stay tuned for the winners to be announced.

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    Well between Junglist and Hex - it looks like Hex would win.
    Why? Because it happened.


    Why? because my understanding is that Rei (aka Tracey Lien) is a contributor here at Kotaku... and we all know Kotaku only hire winners...

    Jung Vs Bajo

    Junglist, he walked away from the brutal verbal beating ABC and Bajo gave him with nary a scratch to his pride. Bajo would attempt to bitch about his "mate" to get the fight called off but to no avail as ABC wouldn't be promoting it and in the end I believe his strongest move would be to roll up in a ball and cry like a girl.

    Jung would definetly win because he has all of us fans egging him on and he has mad l33t ninja skills.
    Jung can eat the eggs when they have already been eaten.
    Jung can catch a fly that is faster than the speed of light.
    jung is the best :)

    ABC casting director VS Junglist

    Junglist would win for being so awesome, he is awesome at games so he would just win because he awesome at everything.

    It would end in a no contest because, as serious gamers, none of them know how to throw or to take a punch

    Junglist would win, because he left good game voluntarily but kept it a secret. Since his departure he has been training in a hyperbolic time chamber to return and claim the entire show for himself.

    Despite Hex's hex appeal, and Junglist's pent up rage from his sacking, I would have to say that Bajo will come up on top...

    As Guybrush Threepwood can attest to, the loveable loser will eventually get his way. The first killer move will be "Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!". Hex will fall for it, and Bajo will push her off a cliff, to which there are no rubber trees...

    Then, the final battle... Bajo vs Junglist. Bajo will kick it off with a "You fight like a Dairy Farmer!". Junglist, with his lack of TV time of late, will be lost for words, and come up with "I am rubber, you are glue...".

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's now time for our MAIN EVENT"

    "The following contest is a grudge match.
    Standing to my left, weighing in at 52kg. He is accompanied to the ring by the Australian gaming goddess, HEX. He is 'The Big Cheeeeeeeeeese' BAJO!"

    "Standing to my right, weiging in at 70kg. He is the man out for revenge, out for his job and out for blood! He is 'The man in demand', JUNGLIST!"

    Commentator: "And we kick off this bout with Junglist charging straight at Bajo with flurry of fists. This fight could be over quick" *c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker* "Oh wait, Baj hits a well timed parry. Hex cheering on from the outside, wouldn't mind her playing with my joystick...err...I mean....Jung now climbing back to his feet, but wait, he's dizzy. He needs to mash his buttons and quickly, because Baj has got the power glove!!! And he hits it, the power glove punch, almost as devastating as the Wii Zapper zinger. And Jung is out cold, this is hard to watch people. It appears Baj has one this deathmatch.

    HOLD IT!, Hex just through Jung a 1-up. This is the biggest double cross since Mario cheated on Peach with Toad. Jung is back up, and he's got a weapon. Wait, that's no ordinary weapon, that's a copy of Beijing 2008. Oh he hits it. Oh Baj is screaming in pain, as the sheer crappiness of the game eats away at him. And that's it, it's over, Jung has taken out the victory. Hex is trying to get in the ring, but unfortunately there is an invisible wall in the way. We'll leave the action there. Good night ladies and gentlemen."

    Junglist vs Hex & Bajo for the ultimate good game host show down handicap match.

    Junglist being bestowed powers from the god of Chuck Norris, sporting Chuck’s trade marked beard, he instantly performs a swift kick to Bajo’s head resulting in an instant KO.

    With Bajo down the real match can now begin with Junglist standing mano a mano with Hex. Hex strikes at Junglist with long fingernails and razor sharp teeth, tearing flesh from bone. Just like his God Chuck Norris, Junglist is always trying to impress the ladies and refuses to strike back. The floor is filling with flesh and blood but she doesn’t stop nor does Junglist falter. Suddenly as Hex reaches the beard the scratching stops and throughout the arena a loud scream is heard, Hex collapses to the ground in agonising pain. “No one touches the Beard” Junglist says.

    Winner Junglist.

    Hex vs Rei

    Unfortunatley this would probably be some street fighter or halo deathmatch, with maybe the occasional push and shove on the couch. I think people wanted to see a bit more but hey, whaddaya gonna do.

    And BTW the winner would the the Xbox 360 or whatever console they were deathmatching on. It wins because it draws in Hex and Rei into believing they can challenge their rivalry without actually fighting. And that Mr. President is why games shouldn't carry the bad stereotypes and should be enjoyed by everyone.

    First of all, it would come down to a fight between Junglist and Bajo... Hex and Rei would be out relatively early, because girls just want to talk things through... so essentially that means Hex would scratch Rei's face off, then get arrested. All of the other previous hosts would be trapped for eternity in Good Game ex-host limbo... except for Junglist, who resisted and fought for his rights as Good Game royalty. Because of this, the ghost of P_Nutz would aid Jung in his war with Bajo, and this coupled with Jung's skills of Schwarzenegger impersonation and l33t neckbeard powers... Bajo would rage quit like like a n00b playing MW2 on veteran.

    ABC Mangement - They have the Power!

    Rei vs Hex

    Rei got angry at Hex for stealing her "Wii Remote" and proceeded to beat the shit out of her with it. Nuff said.

    Junglist would win on the basis that;

    With great neck beard comes great responsibility!

    jung vs the GG hosts

    jung uses TRUTH BOMB for 9999 damage on all enemies

    GG hosts unable to defend all hosts faint

    jung's flawless victory

    It would have to be a Draw between whomever faced off, as no one would want to be seen as taking sides. That would be terrible because that NEVER happens, does it?

    abc vs audience, the abc wins and get to choose the presenters they want

    Junglist would denfinatly win be cause he would be a higher level.

    (every year at the start of each season the two hosts both "level up" and junglist has leveled up the most from being there since the start.)

    Furry Yellow Monkeys for sure.... there is not one host that could with stand yellow monkey poo flinging to the eyes!

    So Hazzar to the Fuzzy Yellow Monkeys, you poo flinging champions!

    Hex vs Hex
    We all win, because we love watching two girls in a fight.

    Junglist would win, because he'd simply recruit his legion of forum warriors to DDoS any and all opponents.

    While the heavyweights are slugging it out, Rei will be left standing. She'll be the one doing the Steven Bradbury in Mario Karts to win!!

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