WIN! Tickets To God Of War 3 Event

WIN! Tickets To God Of War 3 Event
WIN! Tickets To God Of War 3 Event

Want to party with a couple God of War 3 developers like it’s 1999 B.C.? Kotaku has two tickets each for the 15 people who can think of the best interview questions for these two gents, who hail from a game design/animation background. Click through for details.

It’s your chance to rub shoulders with game dev land’s elite, on Sony’s dime. These are the lads that perfected the art of the quick-time event, and have yet to be dethroned in the action genre. The debate still rages today as to whether swords on chains is a cooler combo than chocolate and peanut butter. There won’t be any goats sacrificed, but there may be a goblet or two shared about.

When: Thursday, March 25th, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm Where: Sydney CBD Age: 18+ Dress: Animal skins/bronze armour not recommended

We’ll have more details on this community event for you tomorrow, but you can start leaving your interview questions in the comments below.

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  • Question One:

    1) Will you be a designing a Wii version of God of War 3 aimed at children aged 6 to 12?

    2) Will there be DLC coming soon where we can replace Krato’s body with jpg’s of our own?

    • One day, I am going to hold off my excitement about your competitions long enough to actually read what I have typed before I click submit. GAH!”Question One” followed by two questions! LOL!

  • Dammit! I don’t live anywhere near Sydney but my question would be, Can I have a free copy of the game?

  • How do you deal with your own expectations of how the game should develop and how much weight does consumer feedback play in the design process and development?

  • What is it like from an animation perspective, animating in such a big variety of scales? Say between a gigantic titan and a teeny-tiny Kratos.

  • Living in Perth, I can guarantee that I won’t be winning 😛
    That, and the fact that I don’t own a PS2/3 and have never played any God of War…

    My question:
    When constructing a story set in ancient Greece (especially involving the Greek Pantheon), did the script writers feel constrained at all by Grecian literature and mythology in terms of the artistic direction of the story – were they able to tell the story they wanted, or were concessions made to make it feel more like the existing mythology? How, if at all, did this then affect the design and animation of the game (artistic style, cutscene direction, level design, etc), and the ways in which players interacted with the game?

  • – What was the transition from the PS2 to the PS3 like as a developer?

    – Now that the God of War series has come to an end, what projects are you going to be working on?

    I’d ask more questions, but I don’t want to get disqualified.

  • The opening of God Of War 3, with the titans scaling Olympus, and the Leviathan battle on Gaia are visually, some of the most impressive things we have seen.
    Was it a greater technical, or an design and artistic challenge to create this segment?

  • God of war was great on the psp,how about bringing it to the Iphone!?(just imagine the mini game sequences you could do…)

  • For the animation team: Where, and who did you guys model the crazy movements off of for kratos?

    (I was going to add ‘how’ but I thought id leave that)

  • 1. Dual Playstation Move blades of chaos anyone???
    2. Have you played Dante’s Inferno…it’s awesome

  • – How do you feel about action games that have borrowed/copied mechanics you created?

    – In the same way, which games have influenced you?

    – Do you play any other games regularly? If so, what, and what do you enjoy about them?

    – What’s the secret formula for making amazing games?

  • Another set of questions:

    Q2: If you were to give beginning/new game designers/animators one bit of advice, what would it be?

    Q3: Are you planning any downloadable content for God of War 3?

    Q4: What ever happened to gore filters? To toggle the gore like some older games.

    Q5: Was a multiplayer feature in God of War 3 ever considered?

  • Greek Mythology has a plethora of great stories and moralistic outcomes. What made you and the team decide to follow a relative no name like Kratos? What aspects of his character intrigued you to centre the GOW series around him?

  • So now that you guys have finished *raised eyebrow* the God of War series, what do you have in mind for the next big project? Any hints of ideas you’ve been tossing around? Great game by the way, cheers *glass clinks*

  • Hmm… Unfortunately I have non-stop tutorials from 11 to 7 on Thursday, and I’m not sure if there’s a chance I could step out a early.

    I guess if I had a question it’d be: what is the research process behind developing a history/mythology-inspired game like? GoW has obviously taken a few liberties with the original text(s), but what about visuals or even gameplay?

  • During development did you ever have to stop and cut out something that even you guys thought was too “over the top” ?

  • Q1: The textures in god of war 3 are extremely detailed, but did the team take any steps to add effects on the model through textures?

    Q2: the animation cycles are very smooth, what type of approaches did the animation department take to ensure a constant level of quality through the game?

    Q3: What was the general approach to lighting?

    Q4: having played through some of the game, i noticed the sheer attention to detail even on a massive creature like Gaia. Did many scaling issues occur when making and importing assets?

    Q5: What sculpting programs did you use? e.g maya, 3ds max, mudbox, Zbrush etc

    Q6: What was the general approach on reusing assets? did it happen on a truly massive scale, or did you put the assets department into overdrive?

    Q7: In the cinematics, what was the overrall direction going in terms of cinematogrophy?

  • Q1: How come Kratos never has a shirt on?

    Q2: Whose idea was it to have lionfists?; and, may I shake his non-lionfisted hands?

    Q3:Does this look infected to you? (points at toe wound)

  • Q1. Which Characters were ultimately cut from any of the games that SMS wished they could get in somewhere.

    Q2. Mainly targeted at the above… Kratos’ Brother… where is he now?

  • Have you during the game development ever dreamt of having your head ripped off by Kratos and awoken to find yourself screaming?

  • This is a very specific question, but after failing x number of times, God of War gives the option to switch to Easy mode.
    Is there any reasoning behind not giving the player the option to jump to Normal (if they’re playing in Hard)?

    Personally, it serves to keep me pushing on in Hard, because there is no way I’m going to drop down to Easy, while still giving players who need it, an out.

  • The God of War games are extremely successful in the hardcore community, however they don’t have the accessibility to become more mainstream. As in reach the sales or exposure of “Call of Duty” or “Halo”.

    As game designers and artists, what is your mindset to change this and bring your games to a broader audience?

  • Q1. What’s next for you.
    Q2. Do you think you’ll be as successful as your GoW series, if so how would would you makes something better and yet make it feel different.

  • How did the original idea of the sex mini-game come about? Was it during an extremely hectic part of development where you couldn’t leave the office to see your partners? Sexual tensions built up and had to be released. Bam. The infamous God Of War sex mini-game was born.

  • 1. Back in November of last year it was noted that the most difficult aspect of God of War 3 was the “complexity of everything”. What specifically was the most difficult aspect of achieving the high level quality with the graphics and the mechanics of the game?

    2. The God of War series contains some of the most compelling and evocative music and settings in games currently. When designing the soundtrack and environment for the series was there a particular ambience or sense that you were aiming to evoke with the players?

  • This question that has been bugging me for years:

    What is the significance of the “red line/ tattoo” marked on the body and face of Kratos?

  • As developers who have spent most of their time on AAA-titles, how do you feel the current trend in social gaming will impact the industry?

    And do they believe that social websites like Facebook and Myspace will ever play a more integral part in AAA-titles in the future beyond simple status updates?

  • Q: How difficult was the original pitch for GoW, seeing as how it’s adult nature relies on a purely adult audience?

    Q: Do you dream in Quick-time Events after having built and played the GoW series for so long?

    Q: For GoW3 being the end of the story arc, do you feel you’ve used up Kratos as a character, or are there concepts floating around for Kratos to expand into other realms?

    Q: Who would you most like to see Kratos fight one on one in the Video Game world?

    (I’d kinda like to see Kratos v Skarin from Viking: Battle for Asgard.)

    Those are my questions! Hope i can get in!

  • Question: Was it difficult for you to release the GOW trilogy on PS3? Surely if you can do it, other companies can release their own past PS2 game on PS3.

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