How Do You Rate StarCraft II’s Campaign?

Last week you told us whether you were buying StarCraft II. Seems quite a few of you did exactly that. So, what are your thoughts on the StarCraft II singleplayer campaign?

Vote away. Remember, you can only choose one option. And tell us about your StarCraft II solo experience so far in the comments below.

How Do You Rate StarCraft II's Campaign?online survey


    I was expecting something somewhat more epic

      The final cutscene was somewhat anticlimactic...
      I wanted something grand and sweeping to follow up the somewhat sombre and intimate moments at the end.

    I am still enjoying it. So far the variety of the missions has been really good unlike a lot of RTS games that tend to feature mission after mission of "destroy the enemy base" missions.

    I'm not sure how it goes as a precursor to the multiplayer though as a lot of the units available in the campaign are unavailable in multiplayer.

    Still definetly worth my monies.

      Blizzard realised that a campaign mode never gets anyone ready for multiplayer, so they decided to not even try. Gives the singleplayer a lot more room to move and make it interesting, just as you've said.

      Having not finished BroodWar yet, I haven't tried the singleplayer yet, but I have tried a challenge map, and it seems like a good introduction to the multiplayer facet of the game. The general progression Blizzard was aiming at is Campaign -> Challenges -> Skirmish vs. AI -> Coop vs. AI -> Practice Matches -> Online Matches.

        At first I was thinking much the same thing, that there is so much stuff in the campaign that won't be in multiplayer that it will be kind of disappointing. However even though multiplayer may not have all of those options and extra units, with the editor I'm sure people will be able to make maps and gametypes with all of that stuff put in. So I'll wait and see what we get.

    I've only played about six or seven missions so far, but I like it. The armoury/research/merc system is pretty cool.

    Haven't touched multiplayer though. Will probably only bother with AI games anyway.

    I love it. So much like the original, but the new narrative elements and armory system feel progressive enough for StarCraft II to not seem old hat.

    The thing that annoyed me most is that I got signed out of battle net during the campaign and didn't know that it would stop registering achievements at all. I have now finished the campaign but I don't have any of the achievements to prove it.

    I really don't want to have to play through the entire mode again just because the game is to stupid to recognize that i have completed all the research/upgrades etc and give me the achievement for doing it.

    The campaign was interesting but not stunning enough to deserve a second play through only days later.

      Might be a bubble burster but if you think anyone's going to care you have no achieve for it you have a very strange perception of the world. Be glad you've finished a brilliant game?

        I feel bad for him I guess, and I definitely care that you can't get achievements offline. I don't want to spend an hour trying for a hard mode achievement only to realise signed me out so it doesn't count.
        I mean achievements aren't the most important thing in the world but if you enjoy them it sucks not to get the ones you earned.

        The annoying bit is that they unlock things in SC2. Minor things, like avatar pictures, but things that get unlocked nonetheless.

    Surprisingly it engaged the emotions as well. It almost happened all too quick. But then you would remember it is a game.

    i am only into the second mission. a few of my mates say its good but honestly i have just been logging hours of game time in ladder matches. im getting near the top of my division so its been worth it. im hoping to rank up to silver leauges next time they assess players :)

    Plot-wise its not that great, but the actual campaign gameplay is great. They've really tried to make the levels more interesting on a mechanical level. I think for the first time in a long time a Starcraft/Warcraft campaign will keep me interested enough that I don't resort to cheating.

    Anyone worried about the game being split into three episodes should pick up a guest pass and have a play. I'm still pretty early into the game but as far as single player is concerned this gives the impression that the one Terran campaign will be better than all three original Starcraft campaigns combined.

    Wow, this page opened my perception filter to the single player button.

    Spoilers ahead, you've been warned.

    I found Raynor to be acting really inconsistently with how he did in SC1. I mean, most of it is reasonable given years have passed and he's been dwelling in anger and sadness over the events. Mostly I'm referring to how he acts towards Kerrigan.
    The last we heard of Raynor in SC1 was him swearing that someday he would kill Kerrigan. For a while it seems he sticks to this idea in SC2 but as soon as the possibility of her being turned back into a human is mentioned Raynor immediately forgets all about his hatred for her and puts all his effort into saving her. It's a complete and unreasonable change in his feelings towards her and it pissed me off and ultimately left me feeling immensely disappointed in the campaign's conclusion.
    Doesn't help that the ending was anticlimactic as hell.

      I hear what you're saying, but this explanation might placate you:
      Raynor 'hates' Kerrigan/Queen of Blades for the wanton murder or billions of Terran civilians etc, but more so because he feels responsible for her actions after he failed to save her from Mengsk's treachery.
      So, when the opportunity arrives to 'rescue' Kerrigan, Raynor leaps at the chance. It is a chance to both neutralise the deadly efficiency of the Queen of Blades and her Zerg minions, and to make up for his perceived failure to save Kerrigan.

      Not perfect, especially since I never really played the campaign for Starcraft/Brood War, but that's the impression that I got from the campaign of Starcraft 2.

    I rate it very poorly since Blizzard cannot even get their act together and I lose hours of my progress because of a silly BattleNet bug.

      Theres an easy fix for that, completely remove achievements from the game, problem solved :P achievements are such a gimmick, i dont get why everyone cares so much about them.

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